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Relationship Quiz – Do You Know About Your Partners Mind?

I was watching him. Sometimes, he was giving a faint smile. Then he started looking at the ceiling and then started changing his feet position while sitting. After that he was sitting still for some more time. Then he got up and left the room.

Do you also observe your partner carefully? What do you know about what might be going in his/her mind? Can you predict about her/his thoughts? Many of us believe that we know about our partners and that we are very close. But if your partner sits across you and thinks of something with matching body movements, would you be able to guess about what was in his/her mind? I bet, most of you will fail. I feel very sad saying this, but the truth is that most of us will fail. Why do not you ask your partner to predict about what is in your mind? You will find out yourself. This is tragic for our relationships. Let me tell you how.

As long as the relationship is going very strong, nothing matters. But after few years, cracks appear for different reasons. Those who have the understanding about their partners mind can take care of that misunderstanding quickly. Others never get a hint that something is boiling. They realize only after a lot is lost.

Please find out more about each other when the going is good. Play this game of I guess, you guess regularly. This will help you more about understanding each other and will stop any crisis mid way.

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