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Relationship Quiz- Is The Honeymoon Over?

There comes a stage in love relationship when the relations mature to a certain level. The initial attraction and knowing about each other is finished. The romance slowly gives way to living with each other and taking the relationship ahead. This phase is fraught with many obstacles as are all the others phases of romantic relationships. The biggest problem after the honeymoon is over is to see the real person. Till the honeymoon is in progress, the lovers make their own image of their beloved. After the honeymoon is over, they get to see the real person. Let us talk about this phase.

This is the phase of facing reality. The dream is over and the relationship enters a different phase. Both the lovers want to impose their will on each other. They do not give in easily to each other, but fight for their own point of view. What was once a very sweet voice now becomes a shrill demand. Blames are made and shocking changes occur in the affair.

This stage is a important stepping stone to a long term relationship. If the lovers can define their association, their rights and their need for each other at this stage and reach an agreement, they can grow into a very mature couple. Otherwise, with the romance getting finished, the lovers are left with nothing but broken hearts and disbelief. Communication and mutual understanding is the key to succeed after honeymoon.

Every relationship that is devoid of romantic assumptions demands co existence with respect for each other, need for each other, common goals and common values. If the couple can do that, they can proceed towards a long lasting relationship. If any of these is missing, there will be bickering all the time, and the relations will break after some time or continue with great pain for each other.

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