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Relationship Test – Are You Happier Being Alone?

Many of us are of the types who are happy being alone. If such persons enter into any relationship it will invariably fail. Such loners want to be left alone and want no responsibility of others nor want others to take any responsibility of their. Are you one of them? Have you thought about this? Let us find out more.

What are the main characteristics of such people? The first is total independence. They want total independence both at home and even at work. They may leave many jobs unless they find one where no one bothers them. They want to live at home on their own terms. They dislike being told by anyone about how things should be done. Their self-esteem does not permit this. They cannot develop healthy relationships because they never tell others about what should be done. They never bother about how others perform nor want to get tied up with one person. They feel very uncomfortable if they have to do that.

Their space is most important to them. They want their space with them and never to be invaded by anyone at any time. These kind of people wonder about how people live together. They believe that their own way is the right way and want no advice on that.

If such people get into a relationship by any chance, the relationship will go through very tough times. Before entering into any relationship, one should watch for this behavior. If any one displays such behavior, please talk to him/her in detail and only after assuring yourself, enter into the relationship.

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