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Relationship – Will I get Appreciation Also?

Did I do everything wrong? Did I only destroy? Did I always trouble you? Did I never love you? Was I that bad? Then why did you fall in love with me? Who did all that you used to appreciate? Who was so good that you loved it all the time? Who was that person? Thoughts that hammer our mind when the relationship gives only blame. One remembers that he/she also did something good for the relationship. But as the relationship deteriorates, one partner takes it upon himself/herself to blame mercilessly.

The same partner was all appreciation some months back, and the same partner has nothing good to say about the relationship. This is nothing but abuse. This is emotional abuse made to drive a sensible person lunatic. Blame them so much that they are left with no energy to retaliate. The relationship at this stage is maintained only to abuse. If the abuser breaks it totally, whom will she/he accuse and abuse? So they continue with the relationship. They are intoxicated with their sadism.

There is no reason to believe that all people are good. Some are evil. You may not guess about their true nature in the beginning, but once they open up, you will see evil in front of you. Such evil people will hit you where it hurts most- your faith in humanity. What can be done by you in such a relationship? Once you realize that your partner is evil, break-up immediately. Never ask the question- will I get appreciation also?

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