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Relationships – don’t you just love them? And how can hypnosis help?

Relationships – don’t you just love them? And how can hypnosis help?

I believe that everyone at some stage or other has relationship issues. If you where to think back over your past, (or maybe even currently), how relationships have gone sour at some time during the life of the relationship.

As you well know all relationships eventually come to an end. Whether it’s a business or intimate relationship, at some stage they will end, even if it’s due to circumstances such as a death.

Knowing this can have a dramatic effect because it may motivate individuals to make the most out of them. However what if you have problems with a relationship? How can the powerful tool of hypnosis help?

Working with many clients using hypnotherapy in High Wycombe and indeed all of the UK, I have found that hypnosis has dramatic effects helping with relationship breakdowns. This is because Hypnosis targets the unconscious where our emotions are harboured and fester. Hypnosis effectively reframes how a client maybe feeling about things – which enables dramatic change to occur.

Relationship breakdowns aren’t of course only for intimate ones, I recall some time ago I had a business partner and she couldn’t help but find fault in most of everything that I did. This may have been because it’s easier to find fault than to give praise I often tell clients to find something good in everybody, search enough and you will find it.

If your wondering what happened to my past business relationship well it spiralled out of control and to coin a phrase – ‘went paired shape’.

Perhaps this was due to my business partner aiming to control everything that she possibly could, ultimately this leads to communication problems and resentment. It is important to remember that a relationship has two (or more) people involved and what might be appropriate for you may not be for your partner. Take the time to build your relationships.

Its worth remembering that the following traits are traits that will help with your relationships –

• Be flexible
• Be a good listener
• Put yourself in the other person (s) shoes
• Find praise and give it
• Remember why you started the relationship
• Be honest
• Give your trust
• Love unconditionally

If you’re in a business relationship that is spiralling out of control, step back and ask yourself – what is important to you? And remember what goes around comes around.

If your emotions are getting the better of you probably you could make an appointment with a recognised hypnotherapist.

Relations are never always plain sailing, and like a boat there are always ups and downs, but by taking time to invest in your relations you can always smooth the way for a better ride.

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