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Relaxation in Positive Thinking and Self Talk

We all need to have relaxation in order to function on a daily basis. We need to think positive with self-talk in order to relax.

Sometimes when we are tensed and stress about something if we are thinking negative thoughts the stress and tensed muscles will just stay put. Thinking positive and telling you that it is ok with practice and changes us can learn to relax.

Our subconscious tells us that we had a very long day but there isn’t time to relax and enjoy life. You can change that thought by thinking the day is over now go on to something new and fun. Be positive and learn to practice relaxation.

Taking time out for yourself will help you to relax. Tell yourself that everyday you’re going to walk for relaxation. Write it down on the calendar as one of your daily activities and note the time that you’re going to give yourself. This is thinking positive and telling your self is self-talk.

Be positive and learn the relaxation techniques like walking, or taking time out to lie in the grass. While you’re lying in the grass, tell yourself that you are going to relax by imagery thoughts flowing through your head. Picture yourself floating on a cloud and it is quiet, listen for the birds or smell the flowers.

Tell you to slow down your breathing by thinking first. Take slow, long deep breathes to help you learn relaxation. Talk positive to yourself by thinking or out loud. You’re lying in the deep grass listening to the birds telling yourself to breath slow and deep. It takes practice to learn to relax but it will come by positive thinking and self-talk.

Light some candles in the bathroom and soak in a tub of hot water. Turn the music on low and tell yourself that this is your time only. Be positive and talk yourself into relaxation by watching the candles burn down. Turning off the light and watching the flames burn while soaking and listening to soft music is a good way to learn to relax and think positive.

Some people have a hard time at night sleeping or getting a full night of restful sleep. They may sleep but it is in such a deep sleep that they wake up after a couple of hours or in the morning, feeling like that never went to bed. When you do to bed by thinking positive about how your day went or about the next day, you’ll feel better. Tell yourself not to be thinking about the rough day you have coming up tomorrow but that it will all work out and be ok. Thinking positive and talking to yourself will help you go to sleep with sweet dreams not nightmares.

Thinking positive will get you a long way to achieving your goals and relaxation. Start today by making changes so you can relieve stress so relaxation will be easier and it will bring you comfort.

You’ll be healthier, happier, and everyone will enjoy being around you when you become a new person by thinking positive.

You have the inner strengths, yet it takes you to extract them to use in your favor. Self-talk is a guaranteed self-therapy that will guide you to positive thinking. Don’t let you down; rather continue discussing with the one person you can truly trust, i.e. you, in how to improve your life.

When you feel as though the world let you down, use your self-talk again to boost your courage and start thinking negative again. Practice makes your challenge easier, so practice each day.

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