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Religion and science!

No matter what do we do for living, how educated we are, how wealthy we are and how nice we look, we all have different beliefs in what is the supra power upon us all. This is what we call religion. Its roots go deep into the matriarchal way of life of our predators when totems became first gods and were honored as such. It is a very interesting topic to research and to investigate and we still have some scientist working in this field.

Religion was founded to explain natural phenomena and weakness of the humans in front of it. Who else, but God could be stronger than a human? First Gods were animals and plants that were admired and could serve as an example somehow. But there had to be a superior being to support and to help a weak person to find his way and get rid of confusion. Later on it developed into an anthropomorphically religion that gave Gods same traits as humans have and their extra powers didn’t help them to stay out of trouble and this caused sometimes a loss of their immortality. We call all polytheistic believes pagan religions but can’t but agree that ancient literature works are a big credit to them. There are some more monotheistic religions like Christianity which are widely spread today, like Buddhism, Islam and a lot more. These religions are equally honored though one can say that they differ greatly. Christianity lays its basis on the Holy Bible, the Book of the Books that has to be read by every Christian man. If I were to judge I can’t call Christianity monotheistic, for the belief is focused on The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit which are to be honored and loved more than anything. In his personal essay St. Augustine writes that he has sacrificed everything people call pleasures to leave a life dedicated to the service to the Lord. The belief is so deep that can easily be used to put somebody up to something. That’s why religion turned out to be a strong and stable tool in hands of governors of the state. This is where science starts developing. The speed is so fast that religion can’t catch up and gain its former authority. The matter is that some of the new discoveries ruined several church dogmas that were lectured for several hundred years. This is where inquisition comes on stage. Honorable priests were sure that all the inventions that were relatively contradicting to the former ideas were the creation of the devil and his airs. This was also used as a nice way to kick rivals of their track and successfully move forward. There were wars organized because of conflicts on religious ground, for example King Richard the Third and his war against Saracens.

Nowadays Christianity as a religion is not much involved in politics, except Vatican, the residence of Pope. A lot of custom research papers can be written on such an interesting topic. As for Islam, the question is hard to answer, they strictly stick to their traditions and violation of the rules brings strict punishment. Science plays an important role in the development processes in the country. Science gives income and that’s what makes research very important. Religion takes care of the mental side of a person. If one refuses to believe and becomes an atheist, he’ll eventually have no convictions left, for religion is the essence of morays and folkways piled up by centuries of experience. You can’t make anybody turn into a believer, but you may want to change your lifestyle a bit. Religion and science may easily co-exist as modern society can prove.

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