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Religion Induced Anxiety

Is Religion Induced Anxiety Good For You?

The fact is that no anxiety, whether religion induced or not, is good for you.

Anxiety has some serious long term side effects that should be taken into consideration, and a healthy, stress free lifestyle should be priority #1.

The state of the world after 9/11 has left us fearful, depressed, and stressed.

An event that shocked the world, and brought many people closer together, and unfortunately, tore others apart.

Throughout the ages, many acts have been committed in the name of religion, and unfortunately, for those people who are nearby when these acts happen, religion induced anxiety is inevitable.

Like any form of anxiety, Religion induced anxiety can be repressed, or cleared completely, by preparation, and a focused lifestyle.

Things like Yoga, meditation, reading calming material, and avoiding negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, hate, and sadness, can have a positive long term effect if you are ever put into a situation that is brought about by Religion induced anxiety.

The most important thing to keep in mind though, is that these ‘acts’ that occur, are not a major part of life, the more you focus on them, the worse they seem, and the worse they seem, the more anxiety you feel.

This is why meditation is such a key ingredient to living anxiety free, be it Religion induced or not.

By increasing your stress tolerance levels, you are able to avoid feeling anxious in any event, you become the unmovable mountain, the eye of the storm, the calm before the wind.

One such program that you can use to help with increasing your stress tolerance is Holosync. Holosync works on frequencies, and, without going into much detail, works by taking you into a conscious meditative state.

While it is one of the best programs out there, nothing beats taking yourself out to a quiet, peaceful place, either in the mountains, in the rain forest, or beach, and just sitting quietly by yourself, and letting your thoughts go.

The bottom line is, Religion induced anxiety, is no different to any of the other forms of anxiety, and while there is medication that you can take when an anxiety attack occurs, it is best if you can follow preventative measures, to ensure that it doesn’t occur. The only way to truly do this is to lead a stress free, anxiety free lifestyle, by increasing your stress tolerance, practicing meditation, and allowing yourself to feel free.

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