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Revival and church growth in southern Philippines after ministry of Danish evangelist!

Revival and church growth in southern Philippines after ministry of Danish evangelist!

The Danish Evangelist Peter Haahr Hansen and Gospel Miracle Ministries have recently been preaching in Churches and conducting crusades in Bohol (Southern Philippines).

Bohol is an island in the Philippines known for the smallest monkey in the world, river rafting and the Chocolate Hills. It is a perfect tourist spot but there is a lack of gospel preaching because of spiritual strongholds.

Peter Haahr Hansen came with messages of hope in Christ. Amazing Grace Church was the first church Peter visited. He did four services for the youth and a healing service where many got prayed for. The first two days were especially for the youth and pastors, where Rev. Peter Haahr Hansen inspired the pastors and youth to change the world by the Power in Christ. There was a great response and many lives were changed. The church was full and people came from far away to participate in the meetings. Hundreds of people came to the meetings and experienced the power and presence of God. On Sunday Peter Haahr Hansen had a healing service and the church was full again and there was a great response to the Gospel message. Evangelist Peter had very clear messages of hope and healing in Christ.

Along side the meetings, Gospel Miracle Ministries helped sponsor some food donations for the poor people who came to the meetings.

Peter states: “I believe that many got a fresh touch from the Lord through these services. And I hope I inspired the Christians there to be history makers and change the world by the Love of Christ. I truly believe that God will spread a revival among the youth in the Philippines and a new generation of young evangelists and pastors will rise up and change Asia for the Gospel”.

Sunday night, Peter and his team preached in a local church called JESUS LIGHT OF THE WORLD lead by Pastor Raul Vitor. It is a small pioneering church preaching the full gospel. Evangelist Peter Haahr Hansen was invited to conduct a healing service. It was a great night where lots of people were touched by the Lord in a powerful way. Peter preached a message of healing in Jesus.

The next day Peter and his team went to the inner parts of Bohol up in the mountains. Peter was invited to preach in a small church in the afternoon. Pastors from different churches participated alongside with the members of this church. Peter had a very encouraging message about doing the impossible. In this church Peter’s fiancée, Abby, also shared a word about how to use ones potential in the word of the Lord.

Later in the evening, Peter Haahr Hansen preached at a healing crusade in the village square in the very center of Bohol. It was easy to see that there was a spiritual fight going on. Hundred of people came to the crusade, but many people were also standing outside the gates of the square, maybe afraid of going “inside” the gates.

Peter preached about the sacrifice of Jesus and the miracle power of Christ. A lot of people came to receive salvation and healing. There was a great presence of the Holy Spirit and many people received a touch from the Lord.

Peter states: “To see so many people hungry for something real was in a way amazing but also sad. It just shows that the work and office of an evangelist is not over. There is a need to be met. My prayer is that more and more people will support the office of an evangelist. There is a great need that we cannot ignore”.

After the ministry in Bohol, Gospel Miracle Ministries received reports that a lot of people received physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and that a marked church growth is happening after the revival meetings. Praise be to God!

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