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Scrolling Down The Scrolls

Who would want to listen to preachers drone on about the meaning of each and every symbol found in the Bible? Who is still interested in listening to the same old Bible stories of Noah, or of Moses? People have heard, even watched these stories often enough to memorize them. With the waning interest in Biblical activities, a new development in the way Bibles are taught is necessary, if not called for. And the online Bible steps up to the challenge.

An online Bible usually features complete Bible text with searchable books, verses, and even chapter numbers. Biblical terms can also be searched from a specific Bible verse to a cross-reference to the other books and stories in the Bible. The pages of an online Bible are usually printable or e-mail ready. A more advanced online Bible website may have an interactive page wherein users can talk and share reflections in a live chat application. An additional feature usually found in kiddie online Bibles is a short cartoon strip or video clip of famous Bible stories.

Now, that you have a more or less good idea what online Bibles are, let’s talk about the advantages of using it. First, it’s online, meaning it is easily accessible even if you’re in the office for a few minutes of praying or reflection. There is no need to carry your old and dog-eared Bible around. Second, there is no need to flip and squint at chapter or verse numbers to look for a particular verse. The online Bible is searchable, you only need to type in a keyword and the Bible will search entries with your specific keywords. Third, dressing up won’t be necessary to conduct Bible studies. Just e-mail your friends and Bible study buddies and set up a Bible study online through live chat. Who knows? Maybe other people will join you too. It also cut costs since you won’t have to spend for gas, fare, or food.

However, these advantages of the online Bible take away the feeling and spirituality of being part of physical community. So why not take an online Bible for an interesting family time. Since the Bible is in a medium your kids are interested in, you’ll have minimal or no trouble at all to ask them to browse it with you. They might even enjoy its features very much that they’ll make it a daily habit. Another thing you can do to improve the communal feeling is to teach other people how it works. Either way, you get the benefits of having an online Bible and still share a spiritual bond with other people.

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