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Self Talk and Positive Feelings in Awareness

Be positive and think about yourself. Self-awareness brings you to know your self-well… You will find balance and honest views of your own personality, and will frequently have the ability to interact with others frankly and confidently. Self-awareness then works with self-talks by building positive thinking. You just can’t lose with self-talk.

How to find self-awareness through self-talk:
You start with finding a quiet area. Next, visualize yourself sitting across the room with someone else in the room. You are safe so don’t worry. The person sitting across the room is you. You want to get to know this guy, because this is your best friend and the only true human being that you can trust for life.

Find out who this person by asking your self-how did I are hear. Where am I going in the future, do I like who I am. We need to like ourselves before we can accomplish positive thinking and self-talk. Find your self and learn to like that person by building up your self awareness to make your outlook on life happier and healthier for your own well being.

Make a list on how your feel about yourself. Write everything down that your want to know about yourself. Make another list using positive thinking and decide how you are going to improve to make you life that you are. Become a new person once you figure out who your are and how can you change.

Tell your self you can make these changes repeatedly. It will seem like forever before you see any changes. It took you years to get this far and as you go down the line you’ll see your new you and so will others.

On the second list using positive thinking, ask yourself who I can make changes to be a success. You might had had on the first list you don’t like the way you hair is. One the second list put down positive things like I want short hair instead of long like it’s been for 20 years. Be positive and say your going to get it cut next week to the style you like. Changing your hairstyle after 20 years that mom wants you to wear is a big change. Make changes slowly so you can give the brain time to learn that your going to wear your hair short so don’t self talk you into letting it grow back out into a 20 year old hair style.

Make your changes slowly so you can reprogram your brain to except all the positive things that your are finally doing. Each step will get easier and more fun as you learn to be positive about the changes you want in life.

Making goals and writing them down is one of the best ways to learn about yourself. It is also a good way to learn how you can make positive changes to be a better person.

Start today with the list, make the changes in writing and start working toward the bottom. Set some long-range time to reach each goal so that you can do it slowly. Is isn’t going to happen as soon as you write them down.
Each day sit down and tell your self something positive. Use affirmatives to encourage you to stay strong. Use self-talk always and try to eliminate at least one negative thought each day. This will help you develop the strength to become a positive soul.

You have an inner strength. Use it to your fullest and you will succeed in life. When you fall, push a little harder to continue your winning spree.

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