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Self Talk and Positive Role Play Strategies

Some of us have a hard time using self-talk as a useful tool to heal the body and mind. Most of the problems emerge from lack of understanding what self-talk can do for you. In addition, at one time wrongful allegations from various experts, groups of people, etc deemed self-talk as a clear indication of mental illness.

However, after experts explored more deeply the potentials self-talk could deliver, they later discovered that this is not only a self-therapy; it is a solution to heal the body and mind.

Self-talk is effective, yet when you apply positive thoughts and role-play strategies with the therapy, you have an extremely useful tool

How self-talk and role-play work together:
The starting point begins with you have the willingness to heal. Set your goal first too so that you know what you want to accomplish from your natural therapy processes. For example, if you want to stop smoking, set a goal. What you are about to do is tap into your subliminal or subconscious mind to find cause. Once you find the cause, it will make it easier for you to accept responsibility, which will move you to take action.

Self-talk and role-play in motion:
Sit in a comfortable area in your home. Take a few minutes and breathe naturally. Inhale and exhale naturally, so that your breathing becomes natural. Relax your mind. You may have thoughts pondering you. Rather than fighting your thoughts, allow them to flow smoothly. If you find a painful area in your thoughts, let it go. You can only heal rather than suffer from painful memories by allowing them to let you see the cause, effect, and details to what caused the problem.

Relax. Now, vision you in a comfortable environment. You can visit anywhere you like. Just let you know that you are safe in this atmosphere. Tell you that nothing can hurt you. You can visit a beautiful scenic garden, or the Colorado Mountains. Go anywhere you desire to go. If you have problems visualizing you in this safe area, briefly find a few images online and use them as aids to start your visualization process.

Once you have your images gathered and visions in mind. Picture you sitting across the room with you. You see you sitting in another chair. Picture this person (YOU) as someone you want to get to know better. Allow your thoughts to go. Free your mind when it starts to slow down.

Now, put yourself in someone’s shoes that you would like to become while “YOU” are sitting across the room in a comfortable environment and chair.

Now, start a communication with YOU. Say whatever you want to say to you. Keep it friendly.

Try to avoid bashing you, since your motive is to think positive while you become closer to you. Talk about your goals with “YOU.” Express freely your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, ideas, why’s, what’s, where’s, when’s, how’s, etc.

think about your questions:
Why did I start smoking. (for example)
What caused me to start smoking?
Where did I start smoking? What was in the environment at the time that prompts me to smoke? What influences caused me to smoke.
When did I start smoking?
How did I start smoking?

What are my feelings about smoking?
What are my thoughts?
What do I believe about smoking?
What new ideas can I use to find the cause of my habit? What new ideas can I use to stop smoking?

Now use affirmatives to invite positive thinking into your mind:
I feel good when I am not smoking. When I do not smoke, I have more energy.

Smoking causes cancer. Why would I want to endanger my life? Do I have such low regard for me that I would cause my body and mind this much harm?

Keep moving along until you find the cause, and explore your history so that you can piece it together until you reach your goal to stop smoking if this were the case. Do this daily and you will find it easier each day to stop bad habits that could cause you harm.

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