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Send an Energetic Love Letter

People intuitively pick up your heart’s truth and honest feelings. Count on it! It is the same sense that tells you when there has been a big fight or disagreement as you step into a strangely quiet and tense room. It is the same sense that you use intuitively to energetically scan large groups of strangers at a party, as you decide who would be interesting to spend an evening getting to know.

Have you ever wanted to energetically send someone a message that you were attracted to them? Sending an Energetic Love Letter is special because it will be sent from you with no one in the middle to interfere.

You Automatically Visualize Everything You Want

Whether you realize it or not, you automatically visualize everything you want. When you send conscious positive feelings of attraction to a person they can respond spontaneously without the need for words. The purpose of sending an energetic love letter is not to control another person or impose your energy on them. You simply unlock loving feelings much faster than trying to find the right words and dealing with uneasy conversations.

On a first date for example, sending an energetic love letter will allow you to enjoy another person’s company and watch the relationship unfold naturally. In an established relationship, it will allow you to move beyond words and have more fun faster.

Ponder this: You have free will to send thoughts. Others have free will to respond favorably or rejecting them.

Be Creative, Trust and Play

From a relaxed state, can you express yourself with trust and creative joy? Do you feel balanced within yourself?

Relationships are created by simply learning how to play with each other. Learn how to love and accept yourself unconditionally; trust who and what you are. Allow yourself to remember the world is magical, and allow that magic and enchantment back into your life.

Be who you are, and do the things you love to do as often as you can! That is really the only way to really live your life.

You can send a message to anyone you feel attractive to with the confidence that your good intentions and warm feelings will definitely be received. Some people will respond by sending their own message and others will NOT open the envelope. Either way, you are simply sending your love into the world.
Everyone has some form of intuition and will pick up these thoughts.
1. To send an energetic love letter look at your special someone in the eyes. You can do this in person or in thought.
2. Imagine sending them affection, love through the air.
3. Envision thoughts of fondness and warmth going to them.
4. Imagine you are sending your love and affection in the air toward the person.
5. Imagine your affection going to their soul.

• Be clear and direct in your communication.
• You won’t be sending one message verbally and another mismatched or opposing one psychically.
• Share what is in your heart with trust, honest, and clear.

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