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Stress And Anger Management Is Not A Difficult Proposition To Achieve

Stress and Anger…Is there anything more required to destroy an individual? In an effort to destroy the opponent, you will destroy yourself! Anger is a mighty weapon of destruction! All your positive faculties are destroyed in an instant- that is the potentiality of the trait called anger. It ebbs within you along with stress and erupts out like a volcano! It is the tsunami of negative human emotions. Even the mighty dam cannot control it.

The human history, full of bloodshed is asking a crying question- how to make this world peaceful and beautiful? Eyes full of understanding, heart full of love and the life refusing conflicts- enough, that is enough!

Turn the pages of history again. It is the angry Kings, the angry generals, the angry statesmen and politicians who caused the wars and planned the destruction of humanity! Most of the murders were committed in a fit of anger and stress! When you are overstressed, you lose sense of proportion, and anger overtakes you. Within seconds, you commit an act for which you have a lifetime to regret!

Do you like an individual with an angry disposition? Never! Would you like to marry an overstressed angry boy?

Boy, would you like to marry an overstressed angry girl? Well, I know the answer!

Here is an intelligent saying: “Temper is very valuable; do not lose it.” Make a poster out of it, and display it in a prominent place in your office or at your home.

Stress and anger management is not a difficult proposition to achieve, provided you have the will power to achieve it. Sit in a quiet corner, and peep into your own self. Analyze your personality. Note ‘to do’ and ‘not to do’ things- the ‘should have done’ and ‘should not have done’ things. That will be a good start to your initiative to conquer anger.

Are you angry with me for daring to tell you something positively about getting angry? I hope you are not. But if you do not follow my humble submissions, I will definitely be angry with you! And you be only stressed! So, for once let me give you the taste of your own medicine!

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