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We are living in a crowded environment infested with many vices in the form of ‘ifs’, ‘buts’ and ‘whys’ etc., all causes of irritation and argumentation. Our body is made up of virtues and vices picked up throughout life time. It is necessary to root out the vices, inhumanity, evils and imbibe virtues to nourish the vital parts of our body to lead healthy, smooth and tranquil life. The words ‘ifs’, ‘buts’ and ‘whys’ etc. are like a grit, when not removed from shoes (life) immediately, will hurt us grievously throughout life and retard our speed. These are like speck of dust in eyes, always irritating. Also these are like thorn in our feet pricking with excruciating pain. Thus we should pick up these tares and weeds from our life to avoid crippling and dampening of spirits. Mind it that every body has to face the result of one’s own deeds, individually. No body else is responsible for it. So, we should root out the same to avoid sedentary life. If we are not alert and don’t care to keep at bay the vices, in time, they may take ugly shape later on and take away charms of our life. Life granted to us is a wake-up state with no room for laziness. Help yourself out of yourself, said Swami Vivekananda. So, get up soon from your slumber. Mark Twain has aptly said,” It is your human environment that makes climate.”

Let us throw little light on our main vices. These are lust, ego, attachment, greed, selfishness, anger, envy, argumentation, laziness, vie with others, prejudices, unbalanced vision, antagonizing others, subservient to some one etc. A person inflicted with vices demonstrates that he lacks implicit faith and vision in every thing and his life is purposeless and full of chinks and doubts leading him to nether world after slowly shrinking his life. Vices intrude into our lives in the shape of bumps and potholes from time to time because of our carelessness. These are of many types and sizes to be rooted out before they raise their hydra head any time engulfing our lives. All sorts of pinching thistles must be removed otherwise life will become distraught instead of dazzling. A person with such a disqualification will be of instable nature and not self-confident.

On the other hand a person imbibing virtues thrives in life as virtues are like hemming life with spangles and studding with glittering gems for smooth, healthy and progressive sailing. One can achieve sterling qualities only by, sincerely, forsaking vices. Some of the virtues are compassion, peace, love, humility, forgiveness, determination, contentment, control and command over senses, God realization, up-liftment of society, interfaith, brotherhood, concentration, unselfish and immaculate nature, discernment, restraint, positive attitude and hope which is foundation of life, etc. Virtues chasten our character and sanctify the soul making our present and future life worthy. To achieve this purpose our up-bringing should be perfect like segregating stones and chaff(vices) from wheat etc. by winnowing and screening. The virtuous people resign everything to fate with firm faith in Almighty’s decisions. They earn by fair means only for livelihood, help the needy and act judiciously in every action and dealing. Such persons use pleasing and crafted words in their language. Their attributes are pure only bringing real happiness and peace. Such a character takes one to the realm of God leaving sweet memories in this world.

First of all we have to detoxify ourselves from the dross of our vices in our body. The only way to remove vices completely from our life is to resolve every day, with will power and pure mind, for doing so. By imbibing this habit persistently and focusing energies, like charging the batteries of our life, off and on, will do the trick for smooth run. Removal of ‘ifs’, ‘buts’ and ‘whys’ etc(vices) remove many curls of our life and iron out the wrinkles.

One should not forget the famous adage,” As you sow, so shall you reap.” When God dwells inside you, your all deeds will automatically strengthen up. Also God has given us this precious life and if we have not realized Him with our virtues and discernment then we have achieved absolutely nothing. Discernment between good and bad is like observing and recognizing the two sides of a coin, obverse and adverse to minimize our worries with foresight. With virtuous qualities our life will become melodious. Tulsidasa says in one of his couplets, “ The fools follow vices of Mahabharata instead of virtuous examples of Ramayana.” At whatever stage of life we are, it is still time for us to tighten our loose ends so that we spring forth with hope. We should not nurture the false dreams and get trapped in our self made snare where extrication becomes difficult. Also we should not visualize the problems before hand without any base and reason and act in negativity. Wait patiently to plan till the time comes for you to “cross the bridge.” On the contrary, due to our virtues, Lord’s propitious hands will ever remain on our shoulders. If we accumulate only the virtues in our life we may not carry the unbearable heavy load of vices at the fag end of life. A great and famous laureate and visionary, Shri HanumaPoddar, has rightly said, “ Diseases can not be uprooted by medicines and hospitals alone. Eradication of disease is possible only through control of senses and purity of mind which ensure our physical, mental and spiritual health.” Virtues and good character are the peerless gems of our life. Our bland and barren life will start blooming. The direction of our thinking and life changes for betterment. It is possible that one may become an apstotle of change/ transformation. Pray God for your wisdom and sublimity.

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