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Test Your Anxiety Response

Worries and anxieties are part of our life. The difference between us is our response to any event. The cause may be common, but the response may vary widely. Some anxiety and worry is good. Otherwise we cannot save ourselves. Fear is one of our defense mechanisms. It is fear of death that stops us walking on a highway. Fear, worry and anxiety are related. Let us examine and quiz ourselves about our anxiety response. Too much anxiety can stop us from working. How to quiz ourselves about our anxiety response? Let us find out.

We are said to feel anxiety when we are apprehensive about future and fear what may happen. All of us experience lot of anxiety when we are to go for a surgery. Such events create maximum anxiety. Should every situation make us feel anxious? The answer is no. Are you an anxious person? Do you experience more anxiety then your friends in the same situation? If yes, it is time that you rethink about yourself.

Quiz yourself about anxiety. For example, you may to get up early than usual and reach for a very important appointment or work. Few of us will have no anxiety about that, but some of us will not be able to fall asleep because of anxiety. They are worried that they may not get up early and not reach in time. This anxiety causes more damage than benefiting us. Such common anxiety must be eliminated. Quiz yourself about different situations and compare your anxiety response with others. If you are responding with higher level of anxiety, reduce it with conscious effort.

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