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The Biggest Mistakes Men Make in a Relationship

Relationships are difficult to sustain. Very few
relationships sustain for long with both partners
totally happy. Most people carry through a
relationship without any joy.

We all start our new relationships with hopes,
dreams, and wonderful aspirations. But oftentimes,
we see couples, or in our own relationships,
where things turn sour. What can be done to keep
a relationship strong and joyous? Avoid this
common mistakes.

1. Not investing enough time in your relationship

2. “Housework” is not just for women. You can
learn how to do laundry, vacuum the house and
wash the dishes if you haven’t learned in the

3. Your partner is NOT your Mom and is not
responsible to help you remember what it takes to
keep harmony and peace in your relationship.

4. Thinking everything is about you and for you.
Basically being selfish in a relationship.

5. Storming out of an argument without an
agreement to at least come back later for

6. Not listening too and supporting your partner’
s ideas even if you don’t believe in them

7. Constantly talking smack about her family
members. You knew who they were before you became
involved with her and whether you like it or not,
they are there to stay. Please remember that
blood is thicker than water. That doesn’t mean
you can’t voice an opinion occasionally, it just
means don’t constantly rail on her family even if
you are right. You’ll plant a seed in her that
may grow into a thorn bush.

8. Not taking your time in bed with her to allow
her to grab a piece of heaven. Men want quick
affection, sex, and security with a woman. And
then we want the space and relaxed distance.
Women want space and relaxed distance. THEN they
want affection, sex, and a build-up of trust and

9. Not learning to be emotionally available.
Women aren’t asking you to stop being a man, just
talk about who you are, where you came from, past
history and future dreams.) If this is hard for
you, seek help or join a group.

Counseling can be difficult for men. It is
traditionally based on talking and sharing. These
are more conducive for women. But there are male
counselors out there and you don’t have to go to
just anyone. You have the power of choice. Going
to counseling is not a sign of weakness. Not
going is more a sign of weakness, because you are
avoiding the real problems and stand to lose your
love relationship.

Also there are another mistakes that a men
should avoid:

* Never tell any woman that she has put on weight,
even if you think it only makes her sexier, keep
silent. Most women are fiercely fighting against
extra pounds – they are dieting, taking pills,
and work out until they faint.

* Don’t nag at her for spending the whole day and
a fortune in a beauty parlor. For girls a new
hairstyle or fresh manicure symbolizes a new life.

* Never criticize her cooking skills, even in the
most delicate way (“My mom usually adds eggs in
the pancake batter”). Your mom has nothing to do
with your relationship.

* Never praise another woman’s looks if your
girlfriend is around. Beware that the mere fact
that divas of this caliber exist on the same
planet makes the life of every woman miserable.
Your girlfriend is concerned about her body, no
matter how perfect she seems to you.

* Don’t take your girlfriend to a soccer (hockey,
golf, etc.) tournament. She will either sit there
bored and ruin your fun, or will get to like the
sport and in no time she will know more about
soccer (hockey, golf, etc.) than you do, which
will piss you off eventually. This way she will
deprive you of one of our main guys’ pleasures.

* In most of relationships both partners try to
avoid conflicts .Conflict includes such examples
as arguments, differences, and variances. The
Truth is, we are all different. That’s what makes
each one of us special. But, sometimes we try to
avoid our partner. This is much like number one
on the list but is more keenly felt by the
partner. Worst is that we blame others (or other
things) and deny our own self-responsibility.
When we avoid responsibility, we typically
express it as blaming others, usually our partner,
and try to make them change and conform. This is
a form of manipulation and an avoidance of Self.
Many of us refuse to get help.

If you had the methods and the tools to keep your
relationship alive, loving and healthy you don’t
need any advices but if not you should avoid this

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