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The Break-Up – Best Thing That Could Happen To You

You have been getting trough a brake-up a while
ago. During a break-up your primary focus is on
your ex, what could have happened, what if things
were different, and what if you would have said
something different at the right time? Once you
have finished processing your past relationship
it will no longer be a primary force in your life.
And the calmness is taking its place in your
soul again. But what’s next?

Now you are OK, you can smile again. You only
think of your past significant other occasionally.
They no longer have all your thoughts. And
something happened there in your soul and you are
starting to enjoy your freedom again.

But all your friends have a steady partner. Few
of them are already married, and there you are.
You have no steady partner. Time is passing by
and you are not enjoying anymore your freedom.
You are alone.

After a while you realize that you need to move
forward with someone new, wholeheartedly!

Getting a partner is becoming your priority. This
is good, because one should not continue long
without a relationship. Work is not everything in
life. But making this a priority has its pitfalls.
The anxiety to get a steady partner as soon as
possible can land you in difficulties

Don’t be in a hurry to decide about who you will
be dating regularly. After a brake-up you should
know better what you really want from a partner.
You have set your own standards and you know that
if you go for anybody who does not have those
qualities, you will never be happy.

Once you are sure what you must get, you will not
compromise. You can make a list with your
expectations; it will save you from making a
hasty selection and compromising your happiness
by selecting a wrong partner (again).

Carrying the past failure in mind will result in
more waste of time in regrets, but learning form
our past will lead us to a better future.

Your next date may turn out to be far better than
your ex and may be proper to go forward with, for
a life time. And sometime maybe you will think ”
Thank God my ex has dumped me, because if he/she
didn’t I would have never meet the love of my
life.” 🙂