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The Narrow Gate (Choosing the Right Way of Life)

For thousands of years of our world痴 tradition, majority always rules. The common people decide and the few are left behind. From the crucifixion of Christ in the cross to the election of most of today痴 world痴 leaders in their presidency, it痴 always the majority of votes that becomes the cause. The good choice is the choice of the common people. But can we indeed rely on the choice of the common people? Well, to answer that question, I have enumerated some facts that describe the common people.

Fact 1: Lying is common to people.
Fact 2: Majority of the people crave for money and fame.
Fact 3: Majority of the people are proud .
Fact 4: The common people lack patience.
Fact 5: True love is rare to common people.
Fact 6: Wisdom is uncommon to people.

Those facts are facts and we can稚 deny them. However, I am not concluding that the common choice is always a bad choice. Sometimes, the common choice makes a right choice especially when it is directed or influenced by few extraordinary people. Nevertheless, greatness and good virtue are only found on few people and reliability is not absolute on the majority of the people.

We all need decisions to change or continue our lives. A good decision will bring us success while a bad decision might bring us tragedy. In making a decision, it痴 very important for us to know what is a right or a wrong decision. Most people follow the common decision while some people go into unusual decision. If we will base on the hidden truth behind the people mouths, majority of them would chose money and fame rather than love. Most humans will choose easiness rather than difficulties. They would choose pride rather than humility.

Life is a decision to make. It is a gate to enter and a way to walk. There are two kinds of decision a person can choose. These are the hard decision and the easy decision. In most cases, the hard decisions are the right decisions, but these are not chosen by most people because of their hardships. Most people like ease and hate sacrifices. That痴 why they don稚 succeed in their lives. One example of a hard decision is to love truly. True love is full of sufferings and sacrifices. Because of these, most people avoid true love. They avoid love to avoid pains. But what they don稚 realize is that they are avoiding the greatness and righteousness of life. Difficulty makes life a real life and true love makes life a great life.

In life, there are also two kinds of gates we must choose to get in. There is a wide gate that most people enter because of its effortlessness and convenience. There is also a narrow gate which only few enter because of its difficulties and sacrifices. The wide gate offers convenience, fortune and fame. In the wide gate there are almost no rules and laws to be followed. You can just lie, boast and you can just wear anything (sexy dress is allowed) in the wide gate. It痴 such a majestic and decorative gate. It痴 colorful like casinos and night clubs. That is why many people are attractive and enters in the wide gate.

On the other hand, the narrow gate is full of pains. That is why only few people enter on it. These people are the ones who are god fearing, enduring and humble. They are the persons who are well disciplined and possess the virtue of honesty and kindness. We must choose the right gate for our souls. We must pass on the right way for the survival of our soul. We must belong to the few people who enter into the narrow gate. Remember that majority of the people lie and becomes proud. What we need to do is to make our selves extraordinary, extraordinary people who are straight and beyond the usual people who are proud and liars. We must become persons who are great and inherits true life and eventually inherits the kingdom of our Almighty God. Nonetheless, the choice is still yours. Where would you want to enter? The wide gate which offers effortlessness? Or the narrow gate which offers difficulties?

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