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The Role Of Spiritual Warfare In Healing

Healing is probably the most misunderstood truth in the Bible. More false notions exist about healing than any other doctrine. For this reason, many are not healed who could be healed.

The greatest misunderstanding for believers concerning healing is to wrongly assume that faith or divine healing must be instantaneous. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Although some healings occur in an instant, most of them require a process which involves a length of time.

From my humble experience, I will say that up to ninety nine percent of all healings involve a process. This process is just another way of saying, “Up to ninety nine percent of all healings utilize Spiritual Warfare.”

For these reasons, many are not healed because the one ministering healing to them quits before the battle is won. They quit before they are through. They might put on a good show by shoving the sick one down to mimic the presence of God, but the sick one is still sick. What a tragedy. What a phony, just to look good for the crowd.

The name of Jesus is our primary weapon in healing by warfare. Learn this now: you may have to use this mighty name over and over and over before the healing is complete!

Don’t be afraid of it. Just use it and keep on keeping on keeping on using this Name until the healing manifests totally. You see, sometimes, the healing comes (in response to this great Name) in stages.

In other words, the pain may leave first. Then, the redness may disappear. Then the fever may break. Finally, the infection is killed.

This may not be the exact order but you get the picture. Many, many healings require a process of Spiritual Warfare which involves the passage of time.

Think of using Jesus’ name like a “sledge hammer” in the following way. Suppose you were driving on a mountain road and a rock slide occured. Boulders fell in front and in back of your car.

You are trapped and cannot move. You have a sledge hammer in your trunk and the only way out is to break the boulders in pieces small enough that you can throw them over the side and out of your way.

You begin to hit the boulders with your sledge hammer but you don’t even put a crack in them. You continue hitting them and finally you break off a small piece from one of them. You are encouraged.

You continue the beating process and knock another piece out of them and throw it also over the side out of your way. You continue this use of your sledge hammer until you completely beat a path out of the boulders.

This principle of continued use of the sledge hammer is the same principle behind using Jesus’ name for healing. Even using His powerful name, many times you must use it like the sledge hammer above. You must use it over and over and over again . Then and only then does a divine healing take place.

This is the role of Spiritual Warfare in healing.

Spiritual warfare for healing takes time and patience but healing comes when you utilize it.

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