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The Spiritual Way of Attracting Money Fast

Over ninety percent of people have a poverty consciousness. Are you one of them? Can you honestly say that your knowledge of the law of attraction has improved your ability to manifest the money that you want?

Few people who know of the law of attraction will have what it takes to make it work. “The Secret” movie has done a lot to spread the knowledge of the law of attraction. Yet so very many people are frustrated and quite disappointed by the results they are achieving.

Most people are continuing to manifest from a physical level and there lies the struggle that many people have. There are many spiritual law and ancient techniques that are important to know and master in order to have greater success.

Money is an energy we must have in order to live our best lives. There is nothing evil about money or being rich except your ignorance of it.

In order to manifest money fast you must work with it at an energy level. You must understand how to go beneath the physical level of money and manipulate it to come towards you.

Few people will ever know how to master and manipulate the energy of money as they continue to struggle with the physical way money comes.

— The Hard Way–

The hard way of manifesting money is to struggle from one thing to another. It requires you working hard. Part of that hard work may include following one course after another to attract money but still not seeing the results that you want.

–The Easy Way—

The easy way to manifest money is to go to the deeper level of money and alter it in such a way as to will it to you. Basically you can then make money drawn to you like a magnet without struggle.

Do you know the difference between one person who can sell a stick of chewing gum and make millions doing so? Do you know the reason someone who has a million dollar idea or business yet he continues to struggle with money? There is also the one who always manages to attract money to pay for their bills or money to live out their dream every time.

The law of attraction is just the beginning of the attraction process. There are many more tool that work with the law of attraction at a finer and spiritual essence that make it more effective.

Those who succeed attracting large amounts of money fast all know how to go beyond the physical aspect of it in order to align themselves with the spiritual core of money. They know how to weave money out of thin air whether consciously or unconsciously.

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