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To Serve – or Not

Shall I serve? If I serve, who shall I serve? The young person, regardless of educational achievement, is seldom taught to ask and answer these most basic questions before others are supplying the answers. The Bible says the choice boils down to serving God or money. For most people, the distinction is easily lost. In most cases, the distinction was lost on their parents and grandparents for their entire lifetimes, so it it not a matter of age. It is certainly a matter of wisdom, which is usually in very short supply.

If the choice is to serve money, the matter is greatly simplified and that is the choice most Westerners make. The common choice is to get money. That puts us in the service of money because we are paid to make money for someone else, who makes money for yet another. This is the result of a global value system which places gold and precious stones above all else and values souls and slaves as the cheapest, most disposable merchandise. Therefore, one serves God by serving that of the least value and serves money by serving anything else. To serve God is to reverse all we have observed and all we have been taught. True service is summarized by the great commandments. Love God and love your neighbor. The biblical answer to who is your neighbor is found in parable as a person in need of help. A soul and probably a slave as well. Like or unlike our selves.

And who is a slave? All who serve money, by choice or by force. Herein lies the rub. How do you help slaves in need without serving the money they serve? On the global scale, this is the vexing question in economic aid. Give a poor man money through his national or local leadership and you divide your giving between the slave and his master, who is also a slave. Teach the same man to supply his own needs and he may or may not successfully withhold the fruits of his labor from his masters, for he too must make a choice.

Benjamin Franklin understood that politics amount to fraud and theft. At the conclusion of the Constitutional Convention Franklin said the republic would last until the people were corrupted. He must have said this with a wink because he was witness to the corruption of the conventioners for the entire length of the convention. The conventioners arrived in Philadelphia with authority from their respective state legislatures to revise the Articles of Confederation, which made the states and their citizens the national sovereigns or ultimate power and authority. The conventioners threw the Articles out the window, decided they knew better than anyone what was needed and created a document which made the federal government sovereign, the states and citizens mere agents, servants and slaves. Because these scoundrels we call our founding fathers knew the state legislatures would never accept this political coup and power grab, the conventioners wrote provisions for ratification into the document itself. These provisions would by- pass the state legislatures by requiring committees to ratify and approve the power grab. It was a close fight. The citizens and the states lost it to the money men who would forever enslave a nation. They would call this slavery freedom to help us feel good about the whole thing and we do.

The matter would not be tested until Franklin had been dead for seventy years. Thirteen states and their citizens declared they would not be the slaves of the federal government and fought a very bloody war to make the point. The masters convinced half the slaves to slaughter the other half and restore an involuntary union in the land of the free. They knew involuntary union and liberty could not co- exist. It never has, nor will it in any other part of the world. Americans are a conquered people, no less so than the natives they pushed onto reservations before and after this matter was settled. It is a fundamental of conquest that the conquered survivors and their children live at the mercy and pleasure of the conqueror, who showed mercy for their lives during the conquest. In this case, Washington D.C.. This is why no court will rule against a federal levy of money, property or persons from the citizenry. We are all federal property by right of conquest.

It is not necessary to fight yet another war or violent revolution to end an oligarchy publicly desribed as a democratic republic. This is and has been a government of the people, by the money masters, for the money masters from before the ink dried on the U.S. Constitution. The Constitution made it official. All that is needed to establish a government of the people, by the people, for the people is to revise the U.S. Constitution to make it more like the old Articles of Confederation. The pen is mightier than the sword indeed, yet people are easily persuaded to use the sword because they were corrupted just as Franklin must have expected. From the first moment we accept and support corrupted leadership, we are corrupt ourselves. Because we are corrupt, we deserve slavery and the contempt of others. Likewise, the Africans who came to America on slave ships were victims of the corruption of their leaders and as the practice flourished, corrupted their selves. It was always the duty of those who remained in Africa to end the corruption of their leadership. It is the same for all of us today, everywhere in this world. We excuse the ignorant and call them innocent because they are us.

We see the corruption and how money buys elections and the very laws we are commanded to obey. We smile and wink. Poltics is dirty work, but someone has to do it. Somebody will until the people change the value system and quit serving money. It is forever the people’s right to change the laws and governments they live by and the “supreme law of the land” is the great global fraud. Politics is corrupt. By definition all politicians are corrupt because the righteous do not willingly serve corruption, which brings us again to the subject of service.

All military service is political and corrupt by definition. When one joins, he or she is surprised by a loyalty oath, most never heard of until they obediently “repeat after me”. The oath puts each slave in bondage to the President of the United States, whoever it may be and then the U.S. Congress after him. We are tricked into an oath whereby we swear to defend a commercial contract made by a handful of scoundrels over two hundred years ago for the slaves of that era. We swear to defend a fraud against all enemies, foreign and domestic, with no idea who is an enemy and who is a friend. It is the act of swearing any oath that holds power over us. I have pledged my sacred honor to do as I am told by any and every superior stranger in a military chain of money servants. I keep my pledge by obedience to authority, never understanding that any contract created by fraud is null and void and has no power of obligation on either contracting party. The money servants are free to change the terms and conditions of your agreement as they choose because the “supreme law” is a fraud, the government it created is a fraud and the loyalty oath we swear is a fraud. To defend a fraud is itself a fraud. Slaves have no valid contract with any fraudulent authority. The money masters know this but only a law student will ever read it in a textbook and they intend to serve money.

We who have sworn a fraudulent oath, know not the truth. If and when we do understand, we can call it what it is and walk away. Doing so would likely result in undeserved punishments and make of us an enemy of the fraud, so we wait for our contract to expire and ponder the lesson learned. We keep our mouths shut and warn no one of the fraud. To do so is un patriotic, which means a patriot is any person who promotes and supports the money fraud. He or she declares the patriot kills and dies for freedom and justice when in fact, the patriot believes this as he or she kills and dies for money. The money masters define our words and the truth is too horrible to admit. A dishonor to the deceived. Untold millions are duped in every generation. Not one patriot will ever suggest we change the “supreme law” and dissolve this great commercial slave enterprise that one might be able to serve both God and nation. That one might value souls and slaves above gold and precious stones.

Workers seldom check the habits, ethics and morals of employers before they contract for employment. This is why they deserve whatever treatment they receive and probably worse. They are corrupt. They do not care who or what they serve. They care for the money they receive in exchange for their service. They have likely spent many years in schools, learning HOW to serve. Learning obedience to illegitimate, presumed authority. Training to serve the money masters in their military and in their factories. Scripture tells us “train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” No one knows the truth of this better than the money masters. One generation trains the next to serve the money masters and it all works like a well oiled money machine. Because, just because.

I am not saying money cannot be used to serve God. I am saying that rarely happens. I am saying the truth of our labor is too painful to bear, so we prefer all the comforting fraud. We smile and we wink. We try hard not to rock the money boat. We choose to serve money and we love neither God nor neighbor in money’s service. Better any God of love be forgotten. There is much work to be done. Many people to deceive. Many people to devalue.

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