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Types Of Depression

As any doctor or mental health specialist will tell you there are different types of depression. Each of these depression types will manifest themselves in the person in completely different forms. Currently there are some well documented types of depression that various people in the world are afflicted with. Also each of the depression disorders can have similar and different symptoms.

Since each of the depression types vary the severity of their symptoms and the level of persistence can be different for each sufferer. The main types of depression are Major or Unipolar Depression, Chronic or Dysthymia depression, and Manic or Bipolar Depression. Besides the main depression types there are subdivisions of these disorders. As the different types of depression have a completely different effect on each person, the method of treatment must also be individualized.

With Major depression the symptoms are the same as depression, they are however more intense than normal depression symptoms. These symptoms will interfere with the daily activities of the individual. The work, study, eating and sleep patterns can become disturbed. The person will not be able derive any pleasure from their earlier activities. The depressive attacks of Major depression can be debilitating and the quality of life becomes noticeably poorer.

In Major depression the episodes can be either single occurring or recurring. A single occurring episode will vanish after the treatment has taken effect. For a recurring Major depression there will be a phase of Major depression followed by depression. These bouts of depression are followed by perhaps several years of normal depression free life. The attacks can then occur without any warning.

Chronic depression is less severe than either Major depression or Bipolar depression. The symptoms are life long. A person who has Chronic depression can still carry out their lives without any interference from the symptoms. There is a strong possibility of double depression occurring to the individual. Double depression is a mixture of Chronic depression and Major depression.

Bipolar depression is not as common as the other types of depression. The mood swings of this depression are cyclic. That is there are periods of euphoric highs and sad, worthless lows. There are times when the mood changes can be very rapid and dramatic. The symptoms of Bipolar depression include being overactive, having lots of boundless energy, loss of good judgment, feeling invincible amongst others.

All of the depression types have different ways of reacting with different individuals. Each of these depression symptoms need to receive the right sort of treatment. Therefore you should consult a doctor to have your depression diagnosed and treatment begun.

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