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What “The Secret” Did Not Teach You About Manifesting

Like most people you may have seen the secret movie and you may have gone to work at trying to manifest the things you desire. However despite all of your very best intentions you still have not been able to manifest the sort of things that you want.

Sure you may have seen some results but the really big things, the things which are closes to your heart have yet to come.

There is a real secret to manifesting what you want. This secret to manifesting is way bigger than the law of attraction, way bigger than speaking mindless affirmations and even grander than visualization.

Even the teachers of the secret do not tell you the entire story of manifesting. And, that is understandable. Think of entering grade school for the very first time and before you have learned basic arithmetic your teachers are plowing ahead to teach you calculus.

If you were taught calculus before you learned the basics then you may never learn math at all. As a matter of fact you may even grown to hate math entirely.

The same is true of manifesting and the law of attraction. These teachings have been around for quite sometime and they are certainly not a secret. The teachings were studied by people who took the time to learn and understand each and every step.

Most people these days don’t want to take the time to learn each detail. Most people would rather scan the net for tid bits of information and try to put it tighter, then they become very frustrated when they do not see the results they expect.

What the secret teachers did not tell you cannot be found plastered on the internet. The secret to true success with anything requires that you have a huge appetite and a burning desire to understand and master it fully and deeply.

True manifesting has many delicious secrets but you must have the desire to understand it fully and go beyond the very basics.

Have you noticed one thing about very successful people? They never stop learning. They always have the burning desire to go beyond their regular understanding to the peek and they will do just about anything to master whatever it is they truly desire.

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