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What to do if she just needs a break

Long Term Relationships are very difficult to sustain. After some time appear a lot of misunderstandings, argues and problems which are inevitable because that’s life. There are couples which know how to get over these problems and their relationship continues, but many of them fail. But there are also other reasons why a couple break down as because there is no love anymore, they can’t understand anymore or just that one of them is bored in this relationship. Although, what happens if she say that she still loves you but she needs a break?

Let’s say that a few days ago, your girlfriend of just over two years told you that she needs a break; she still says that she loves you and want you to be together some day, but right now she needs some space, a break in order to settle her minds. What should you do?

First of all you should try to ask her the reasons, doesn’t she likes someone else? Maybe she won’t tell you the truth and keep telling you lie in the face, but let her know that by taking this break is the risk of losing you forever. So if she really cares about you she will be a little worried that the game she planed would not go as she wanted. If you have the power, you should confront her and tell her that she is right, you feel too trapped lately and you consider too that is the best for you to have a break, even this is not what you want and your heart is broken.

If a girl asks for a break in relationship you have to give her that; if she still loves you as she said then she will come back to you. If she tells you that she will call you, you’ve better wait until she decides to do it. So do not try to contact her, to not call her, give her the time she needs. To not try desperately to get her back because she will run of you and then you will never get her back. Leave her alone, be busy and she will be sorry for letting you.

You have to think what may be the reasons why she wants to take a break as opposed to break up. Maybe you haven’t been the best boyfriend she ever wanted. Or maybe she is making new friends, venturing on her own, enjoying the single life, having second thoughts about the relationship and she is outgrowing you; she is having fun right now, but having you as a boyfriend may not really fit into her new life.

Another reason why she wants to take a break is that she is not quite ready to let you go, but she wants to be able to meet other guys, without resorting to cheating on you; or she just met a new boy that she likes but she is not sure if she wants to stay with him or you.

What happens if she still calls you, dating sometime, but she doesn’t tell you to get back together? The best thing you can do is to show her that you are fine without her, even if your heart is broken; all the girls are the same: when a girl it feels unwanted, is ready to do anything in order to be wanted again; so if she doesn’t come running back it means that she didn’t care too much.

You have to wait a little after her, but not too much. If she is sure that you love her, she likes this situation: she feels that she still has a boyfriend when she wants too, and also it is free to find someone new. So start letting go of your feelings for her right now and start date with other girls meantime because it is not considerate cheating because right now you are not a couple anymore, you are separated. It is the only way for you to move on with your life and if by some chance the two of you get back together someday, it will be on your terms. So go out with your own friends and have some fun.

When people decided to take a break, what they are really doing is taking time to see if there is somebody more suited for them out there. So you must think better if your girlfriend doesn’t care about her more than she cares you.

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