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Why Do Women Want To Change Their Partner

There are major, significant differences between
men and women. Women and men are looking for
different things in a relationship because they
have different personalities. It is still a
mystery for men what a woman really wants in a
relationship, what she needs to be happy.

Women have an idealistic view of the relationship
and that is why they want the man to change.
Changes occur every day but rarely do they affect
anyone. Therefore, men refuse to do this, they
usually have the concept that if their woman
loves them, they have to accept them as they are.
If not, they had better change their girlfriends.

People in relationships often have strong
expectations that their partner will be exactly
what they want. You will see that if you meet a
girl and you will have a long relationship with
her, after a while she will try to change you.
When you met her, she was perfect in every sense
of the word. However, after a while, she will try
to make you to be like the person from her

People which try to change other people in a
relationship initially try to make the person out
to be something they were not and try to mold
them in the perfect mate. Nevertheless, a perfect
mate does not exist. Trying to change a person is
a sign of strong possession, to have someone so
strongly that you can actually change his or her

Change is not always a bad thing to try to induce,
sometimes your partner can just lack certain
social graces; but change should always be a two
way street with a couple, otherwise you just
controlling the other person.

However, women always seem to want to change the
man they are in love with. Even if they know that
men do not change, yet women try anyway. That
happens because most women enter into a
relationship with unrealistic ideas.

There are girls that have strange ideas about
relationships, and they try to change the person
they meet with a person they loved before, but
this always fail. In addition, they do not
understand why men like going out with their
friends to pubs, even if it is a form of
relaxation, especially in weekends, when they
consider that weekend is for the family to spend
time together.

Many times happens that your girlfriend sees you
staring at a beautiful woman whom is passing near
you on the street and she gets angry and asks you
to stop this and change yourself. However, this
happens because women are very jealous and do not
understand that men like to admire the opposite
sex and not necessarily with intention to sleep
with them.

Women should learn to love their partner with all
his faults, this will save them of a lot of
heartache for the long-term of her relationship.
This is the reason there are so many divorces.
All women try to change their man, that is why
rarely hear that a woman is complimenting her man
to her friends. They compete to see who has the
worst man.

Maybe you have a relationship for a long time and
she asks you to change a little bit. You changed
yourself quite a lot, but she still finds out
things that she does not like about you, and
wants to be changed. It is never enough no? What
is next? Usually men cannot change easily, but
some of them change themselves only if they are
motivated to do so.

However, if your love and trust in your
relationship were strong enough, she would not
ask you to change yourself. It takes maturity to
the woman to realize that she will never change
the person who she want to be, so she should
accept him or forget him.

To have success with your relationship you must
accept and respect the differences that are
between you two. Both have issues, but if there
is true love, you will try to complement each

Because of the big differences between men and
women, the most frequent complain men have about
woman is that they always try to change them, and
the one that women have about men is that men
never listen. It is true that women value love,
communication, beauty, and relationships while
men are more interested in objects and things
rather than people and feelings.

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