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Why God Dynamites Wealth To You

In the following Scripture, notice carefully the words “is,” “able,” “abound” and “sufficiency.”

2 Cor 9:8
8And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work: (KJV)

This verse seems to give this meaning: “God” is the subject of the sentence. Second, “is” appears to function as a linking verb. Third, “able” appears to function as an adjective describing one of the characteristics of God.

The Greek text, however, gives it a totally different meaning. “God” is the subject of the sentence. “Is” does not function as a linking verb. As a matter of fact, “is” does not appear in the Greek text at all. It was added by the translators to smooth out the meaning and make it easier to understand what this verse actually says.

Furthermore, “able” is not an adjective at all. It is a verb, the meaning of which, is “power.” Our word “dynamite” comes from this same Greek word for “power.”

“Dynamite” in this verse is a present, active, indicative verb. “Present tense” shows us that the dynamiting is continuously going on in present time. “Active” demonstrates that God is the one doing the dynamiting. “Dynamite” is also in the Indicative Mood, demonstrating what is actually, really happening. It does not pertain to something that might happen. The Indicative pertains to what is really, actually happening now.

Look at the word “abound” in the above verse. It’s used twice and both times, it means to overflow to the point of abundance.

Bauer, Arndt and Gingrich use the following expressions in their lexicon to describe the word abound: (1.) be extremely rich (2.) be rich of or in something (3.) have ample means for every enterprise (4.) make extremely rich etc.

W. E. Vine (Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words) implies that it means to overflow to the point of making one extremely rich or wealthy.

Now look at the word “sufficient.” This word means to “defend against adversities cause by lack.” Lack of money brings about all kinds of adversities. In the context of the above verse, we can easily see that God wants to deliver you from any and all adversities caused by the lack of money.

From the preceding statements, we see in a flash that God wants to make us extremely wealthy. Why? God wants to make us extremely wealthy for two reasons: First, He wants to make us wealthy so that we have no lack at all. Second, He makes us wealthy so that we can have enough to make every good work of His wealthy also.

To put it another way, God makes all our lack disappear by dynamiting His overflowing grace to us for wealth. Then , since we lack nothing, we are to do the same for the works God deems “every good work.”

Now, most of us know we are to “give to our church.” Asolutely, we are to “give to our church” because “our church” must be supported. But have you ever come to grips with the preceding? Do you know you are supposed to make God’s “every good work” wealthy also?

Right here is why some Christians have it hard. They do not go beyond “supporting their church.” Some pastors have it hard because they discourage their people from supporting “outside works” in the attempt to “keep all the money in the local church.” But what does God say?

He says that He makes you wealthy for two reasons: that you may not lack anything and that you may make His other “good works” wealthy also.

Now, shouldn’t we line up with the Word in this matter? Giving abundantly from your God given overflow to God’s “good works” is the key to Bible prosperity. This “good works” giving puts you on the road to God’s prosperity.

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