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Why is it too hard to stay happy?


Why is it too hard to stay happy?

A time comes in your life when even after having a good house to stay, loving family and friends, healthy body, even a six-figure salary and everything perfect in your life, you still don’t feel that contentment which you should be having. When you come back home after shoveling the load of work of the whole day, all you want is a little peace in your head but at times it’s too hard to reach out to those calm corners. When you are resting with your family or friends on a fine Sunday afternoon, everyone is giggling and having fun but then you get a sudden feeling that you can’t feel the same happiness as they are feeling. In that case, it is obvious to wonder that even after having a quality life why it can be so hard to stay happy. Well, psychologically your hindrances for happiness can be explained by a few possible reasons that are given below.


Self Delusion can eat your insides

Any self-delusion can take over your mind and drain out all your energy mentally as well as physically. If you are not going to clear it up from your mind then soon it will be affecting your personal and professional life. The human mind is continuously stroked by deception and delusions and it is not a big deal if you lose a hold on it. But, when you feel that things are going out of reach than before drowning in any guilt, you should fix things to live a happier life. If you find it too difficult to overcome that dark feeling inside you then you should see a therapist who can help you in making things alright.


Chasing perfection

Some great minds have said that chasing perfection might be the most foolish thing you can do your life as it is never a never-ending process. Thus, if you have a perfect life then it might be a sign that you are a perfection chaser. The best thing you can do in that case is that you should instead live an ordinary life. However, you should not confuse it with faded life; simply try life without exaggerating yourself on social media, overloading your bills to compete with others’ success or anything that makes you, not you. You can put a little more focus on your family and partner or you can also spend some time with yourself and your favorite book or whatever soothes your mind.


Struggling with a mental illness

A majority of people suffer from mental illness every year from all over the world and the sad part is that they don’t even have any idea about it or even if they know, they have a hard time in accepting it. If you are facing any such symptoms i.e. even after regular exercise, having regular vacations and surrounded by loving people in your life then you should probably see a psychologist. Dealing with issues of anxiety, depression, PTSD or any kind of dysphoria and disorders can be really very hard and should be treated with medication as well as counseling sessions.



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