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Are we just these physical bodies? Or are we vaster than that?

Here’s something that I have discovered:

In the presence of a qigong or taiji master, a layperson may feel unusual, often discomforting sensations within their body. Some may feel giddy or develop stomachaches. Yet others may feel heat brewing within them. I know several qi-gong masters, so I am familiar with these sensations. How can somebody without even touching you, cause so much physical sensation in the other? Could it be that somehow these qi-gong experts have around them a formidable but invisible energy field?

So, are we just a body? Metaphysical and esoteric teachings tend to think otherwise. So do I. We are definitely more than a physical body.

The construct of a Being (Human) consisted of more than the mere physical body. Although not complete, the anatomy consists of Subtle Bodies & Chakras.

<b>Subtle Bodies</b>

The subtle bodies are energy vehicles that overlay the physical one. The energy bodies are associated with the various vibrational dimensions. Like the dimensions, the bodies interpenetrate one another and stack up higher and higher in vibration. It seems for every corresponding vibrational range (dimension and sub-dimension) there is an associated body.

From my understanding, the subtle bodies or cognitive vehicles interpret the intention/information/impulse from it’s Source. The source is pure awareness, and by down-stepping into various vehicles, its reflections becomes our personality.The sequence of down-stepping, as I understand it, goes something like this:
Pure awareness>>> sensing/feeling (thought without definition)>>> mental thought (images, language) and/or emotions (happiness, anger, fear, etc).

Most human beings are aware primarily of their mental thoughts and emotions, which form their personality. However, as you can see, the real identity of a Being is more than that. A person who is sensitive to the ‘sensing/feeling (thought without definition) stage of cognition can be described as being intuitive.


According to Tantric philosophy and Yoga, chakras are energy vortexes or channel wheels in the energy bodies. They are energy centers that process life force energies. Contrary to popular belief, they are not restricted to the teachings of the Buddhist and Hindu Yogis. The shamans of South America knew about them as well. The Taoist tradition also has a system of power points along the Central Channel of the body that nearly corresponds to the location of the chakras.

Each chakra governs a specific area of articulation and expression. Chakras can be under active, overly active or in balance. When in balance and working properly, they allow the person to have healthy self-expression. Chakra also nourishes the surrounding physical organs by supplying energy. So a properly functioning chakra, denotes physical and psychological well-being in the associated areas.

The human energy system is not made solely of chakras and subtle bodies only. Prana or chi which is the universal life force permeates the energy fields. It has been said that meridian and/or nadis carry these chi or prana throughout the energy field.

My conclusion is that we are certainly more vast than what we think we are.