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Breaking the Destructive Cycle



A word of caution:

Don’t act like a hero because you are lonely.

You may be surprised. Self-pity is a subtle form of pride. Proud people glory in their achievements while people who self-pity glory in their sufferings.

It is really dangerous to dwell too long in loneliness because we are created to have relationships with one another.

It is a strong part of human nature that cannot be erased. If you grew up living alone in a jungle, you will most probably interact with animals or plants and talk to them in your own language.

  • The greatest worry is when someone dwells too long in their loneliness these few things can happen.
  • The loneliness addict shun all attempts to reconnect rendering their people around them lots of pain when their efforts to help the person gets rejected.
  • The relationships around them slowly crumbles and when people start to ignore the lonely person, they will feel more justified when they finally exclaim, “Look at them; I was right all along that they never cared for me at all!”
  • The loneliness addict eventually gets immune to the pain and embraces loneliness as a way of life. He is too lazy to change.

His disease spread to other ‘survivors’.

This should motivate you enough to take action. Don’t wait, do it NOW!

Here is an interesting quote:

Loneliness was the first thing that God’s eye named not good.

– John Milton

(This is the ninth part in a series of Articles about the topic dealing with loneliness)

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