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Practical Steps To Overcome Loneliness


There are a number of ways to begin dealing with loneliness that involve the need to develop friendships, doing things for yourself, or learning to feel better about yourself in general.

  • Constantly remind yourself that the feeling of loneliness is TEMPORARY and you will get over it in time
  • Make an effort to talk to someone NEW. I know it is hard, but you must develop momentum and the first step is usually the hardest but most necessary.
  • Put yourself in new situations where you will meet people. Engage in activities in which you have genuine interest. Meet with people of similar interest
  • Join societies like church groups, organizations and others
  • STOP listening to lonely songs (e.g. All by Myself – Celine Dion)
  • OPEN yourself to others first. Don’t expect people to share their problems with a closed person
  • Don’t judge new people on the basis of past relationships with old people. Try to see each person you meet from a new perspective instead of bring judgmental.
  • Intimate friendships usually develop gradually as people learn to share their inner feelings. Don’t rush into intimate friendship by sharing too much or expecting that others will.
  • Don’t just seek romantic relationships. Platonic or even casual buddies can be extremely satisfactory.
  • Lead a well balanced life. Never neglect good nutrition, exercise and sufficient sleep. One of the main causes of depression which leads to loneliness, is the lack of those things.
  • Spending time alone will help you examine yourself more closely.
  • Don’t be a parasite to your friends. If you seek them for compassion and sympathy, they will be there for you. But if you repeatedly drone over and over about your problems, it becomes a nuisance and your friends will at best just entertain you.
  • Reflect back on good memories and count your blessings.
  • Learn a new skill. Success in achieving something will make you feel good about yourself.
  • If you are having long term depression, it is not wrong to seek MEDICAL advice. It is perfectly normal to get a prescription because lack of certain chemicals in the body is also the source of depression and can be treated easily. If we feel hungry and seek food, having the right medicine in proper dosage is the right way to tackle depression and feel less lonely.
  • See a counselor and talk in privacy.
  • Spend time in Prayer.

(This is the eighth part in a series of Articles about the topic dealing with loneliness)

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