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Conflict Resolution Tactics Inspired by Cats & Dolphins

Enlightening PERSPECTIVES on conflict resolution have been inspired in me by  sacred animals, Jessie Justin Joy , the feline teacher and dolphins. Does peace ever occur in the outer or is the idea of “peace” the ego’s way of saying, my way? Perhaps peace has been here now eternally and is simply waiting for us to dissolve back into her-his arms in all circumstances.”


I lived in an apartment by the ocean for many years and often came home to a party of cats. Jessie the feline was very social and while I was away, cats would come in the cat door and hold gatherings with each other. I enjoyed the way the cats breathed in rhythm with the near by ocean. All immersed in unique and personal life tasks, each dreaming up a unique perspective, individually encountering different levels of evolution, the cats could sit comfortably together in harmony.


Years later I was holding Unconditional Awakening Seminars as a therapist. I put a vase of flowers in the middle of the circle. If we each took a photograph of the flowers from where we sat, using the best of equipment, we would each have a different picture…all correct pictures…all lovely pictures. Can humans sit in circle and celebrate each others’ individual perspectives without needing any of them to be right or wrong?


Humans may have trouble with simply witnessing each other in the awareness that there is room for each of us and that each of us is here now to be unique. The most harmonic sound I ever heard was many birds all chirping at once. Many species of birds sang in dissonance but in the dissonance was a harmony. In higher frequency awareness so it is with humans. Each in our own learning process, engaged in our soul purpose we emit a note. All the notes together are one beautiful chorus in the 13th realm.


Each animal, human and nature being is a Divine spark of One LOVE! When I asked everyone at the Unconditional Awakening Seminar to express gratitude the room jumped up to a very high frequency and everyone realized they loved each other by design! People practiced hearing and being aware of each other as gifts instead of advising, changing and trying to alter each other. That altering technique often used in conversation, is a technique of the mind, to get everyone to replicate the mind in one being. A more sure & pleasurable route to security and happiness is to choose to turn whatever you find inside your heart back into peace within yourself. Offer up a need for anyone to be any way and suddenly, all there is to experience is LOVE. All beings are gifts. The beings that appear to cause you distress are great blessings for they give you the opportunity to find deeper peace within, based only on PEACE itself. Turn your thoughts, your physical experience and your entire energy filed back into peace. Soon you find your body is a friend to your spirit, a devoted servant available for great peace and bliss. Next you find that your spirit is simply a devotee to the ONE SOUL LOVE: ALL THAT IS!


When in conflict with a loved one, a country, a religious order, your ,mind, a neighbor, your body or a professional colleague take these steps.


1) Focus on gratitude in your heart

2) Choose to BE JOY!

3) In place of a complaint, identify your request.

4) Identify what you essentially desire in one word (example: resolution, joy, peace, love, abundance, health). Most likely, you and your opponent desire the same thing but assume that the thing has to come in different ways.

5) Allow your essential desire to be more important that the form in which you first thought it  would need to appear. The universe has a plethora of ways to create what it is you seek.

6) Assume your conflict mate has appeared to give you an opportunity to be peace instead of impose your mind’s idea of peace and this blessing of grace can potentially liberate you.


Notice how the dolphins may play and  cats’ may choose breathe together in all circumstances. As a dove, Jonah, once told me, “It’s easy.” To create peace, be peace.

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