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Emotional Pains in a loveless World


How does the agony of loneliness seem to penetrate the hearts of men and women throughout the world? Even superstars who have been the icon of generations and admired by millions feel unfulfilled (e.g. Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain)

The feeling of loneliness is radically due to the failure of man in loving others. The symptoms of loneliness magnetize the effects of the pain to the extent that it forces the focus of attention more on ourselves and creates a self-preoccupation that creates an obstacle to love others.

Ever had a stomachache? Who are you thinking of at that moment?

This illustrates the point that we are only thinking of ourselves. It shows a terribly pain filled world in which we live in.

Furthermore, the pain does go away like a stomachache. The so called Mid-life crisis is turning more into a ‘young adult’ crisis now with suicide rates hitting the roof and most diseases in the world today mentally induced or cured in psychiatric wards.

The basis of trust between people is eroding and less and less people are opening up to one another. By failing to open up to others, the lonely symptoms spring up as other people will not open up to you if you do not open yourself to others first.

It is said that if you want to be surrounded by friends, be a friend to others first.

(This is fourth part in a series of Articles about the topic dealing with loneliness)

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