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Is It Really Possible To Find Real Happiness?

I used to ask myself this question “how do you find real happiness” day after day after day. It just seemed to be so elusive and as I looked around at other people who seemed to be so happy I just wondered why I was so different – or was I?

I did not enjoy the drudgery of going to a job that I didn’t particularly like but when I began to work for myself I thought that that would change – I did enjoy what I was doing and although I had some happy times there was still something missing.

I read a lot of books and decided that if I earned lots more money then that would make the difference and then I would be truly happy and would then have a peace and contentment in my life – well I did earn more one year but that didn’t find me the happiness I yearned for. It must have been that I hadn’t earned enough and this went on and on until I eventually realised that no matter what I earned it just didn’t give me these real feelings of happiness and contentment – not permanently anyway because of course there were the temporary highs when I was able to go cruising around the Caribbean.

I had a lovely family and yes of course I enjoyed life but as before there really was something missing – it was like there was a vast hole in my life and I just didn’t know how and where I was going to find what I was looking for.

We all have out highs and lows in life and I think the time has to be right for that miraculous event to take place and boy that sure happened to me – it was like a bolt out of the blue and totally unexpected – I had found my maker, the Lord God when I just had not been looking for him at all – rather HE found me.

I just had to write my experiences down because I’ve just never felt so happy and at peace in my entire life – of course I get some bad days, don’t we all but they are so rare it’s incredible – this record of my experiences were read by others who said that I should turn them into a book because of what it might do for others – well I’ve done just that and some of the “feedback” I’ve had has made me cry tears of joy – I just bless the day that Jesus came into my life.

A recent testimonial, exerts of which are included below, show just why I want this book to reach and touch people who are looking for what I’ve found.

I LAVISHED your book. My life was in shambles; my wife had divorced me and tonight I was in such a state of despair that I had rung my Mother to tell her that suicide was my only option – after reading your book I have a peace about me that I have not had since I was 19 and I’m 56 now. Thank you thank you for allowing God to speak through you to me – I now feel a complete relief from all the pain and misery I have known for the past 37 years and I thank you for saving my life – actually GOD SAVED MY LIFE but you threw me the life preserver – may God continue to bless you, your family and your ministry.

Roy Thompson, Atlanta, Georgia –

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