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Of Mosquitoes and Anxiety

You’re itching for that one shot of a lifetime – that rare opportunity to have that first step to fame’s elusive ladder. Believing that you’re more prepared than ever, you gave it all you’ve got. The sad thing is, nothing came out of your first “outing” at the theater.

People occasionally get bitten by the performance anxiety bug. Yep, that ever-meddling “bug” that bites you no matter how prepared you are. It manages to seep into your system, bringing chaos and unbelievable panic. And you are left with nothing but sighs of disappointment. But there’s hope. Whether you will be playing Romeo in a Shakespearean-inspired play, belting your guts out in a singing competition, or reading a self-made poem in front of your classroom peers – there are practical ways to get rid of that performance anxiety. It’s as simple as swatting your regular mosquitoes. Wanna know how? Read on…

Change your defective mosquito mats called “skepticism.” As long as you’re using worn out and dilapidated nets… no matter how you cower inside to protect your body – you will end up getting bitten by those “mental mosquitoes.” It’s very fascinating to know that these bugs manage to creep in our “supposed” safe nightly abodes. Are they trained by A-1 pilots who do fancy flight maneuvers just for fun?

In this light, no matter how much you prepare for that performance, if you don’t dispel inherent confusions and fright episodes, you would just end up committing the same blunder. However, a handful of performers still believe for the need of a little amount of “nerves” or stage fright. Accordingly, this gives them a better boost in their acting performance.

To counter stage fright, psychologists encourage people to visualize positive scenarios to help them take control of their bodily reactions. Seeing yourself in control and composed, as they say, is the best way to give that performance anxiety bug a little whacking.

When outdoors, bring reasonable amounts of “reality” lotion. Coping with anxiety is not always the same as denying its ever-pestering presence. Psychologists even advice people to put their fear into words like what other performers do in some of their concerts. This is a tricky thing to do because your words, or spiels, may go out of hand. The trick is to ferret out those fears as naturally and comically as possible. The performer and the audience sure can use a little laughter and a breath of fresh air even in the middle of the show.

Stay away from its lair. One of your fears is actually the fear that something will trigger your fears, right? What you can do is to avoid places and people that elicit those worries and apprehensions. Coping with anxiety is not an easy task and it may involve changing your daily routines and activities. In short, steer clear of things that might trigger fear.

Give yourself a pat on the back. Like pesky mosquitoes, reality dictates that there’s no sure fire formula to overcoming performance anxiety. All your efforts to control your worries and apprehensions must be evaluated. Constantly checking on your progress actually boosts your sense of self-control and mastery over your fears. Coping up with anxiety, specifically performance anxiety, is a life skill. To get ahead in your career, whether it be in show business or in corporate world, taking a hold of one’s fears is the first step to success.

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