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Positive Thought Positive Action Equals Successful Life

Can you name one negative person with a successful life? Every successful person has had either a very positive person behind them or they had a very positive attitude. We need to start instructing or teaching our children the values of goal setting and planting or having a positive attitude. So many parents don’t present a positive outlook or instill a can do attitude.

We have so many problem finders. We need more problem solvers. It’s just a matter of how you look at it. The negative and the positive approach. It is so easy for so many to sit back and say,
“whoa as me”. Those are the negative peoples that fall deeper and deeper into failure.

A positive person will accept the situation and go right into solving the problem. The whiner is to busy complaining to look for a solution for their problem. They will usually blame everyone else for their problems or troubles. Every single success story had obstacles that had to be overcome. Successful people just solve the problem and move onto the next. The whiner fails because he doesn’t believe he can solve the problem or succeed. They just give up. That’s where the BIG SIN is!

You stop and think, look back in your life. I bet you can find times where something came up and you said NO PROBLEM and you solved or fixed it. Then other times you just said awe what do I do what do I do? Then the minute you got back on the horse you solved the problem in no time.
I think it’s a Universal Law. Success comes from belief and action and failure from doubt and inaction.
If you do nothing, nothing will come from it. If you act upon it you will find an answer.

This is where we need to start teaching or instilling within our young people that anything can
be accomplished with positive thought and action. Even a mountain of dirt can be moved one shovel at a time. Sometimes some of us give our children and young people excuses so they don’t keep trying.
Instead of telling them them can do it they can figure it out, we let them slide on many things that they actually could have down. So instead of making them stick to it or at least saying okay lets do it together then. You just let it slide.

The kids that are inspired to do well usually will. There are always exceptions to the rule. The kids
that are slammed or knocked all the time, you can’t do it, you won’t do it. You will never be anything.
Most the time they won’t. Now then again there are the ones that do turn things around, but it is because they became a positive person themselves for some reason. But it still goes back to being a positive person. So important to understand Attitude is success or failure.

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