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Public Speaking Anxiety: How To Deal With It

Do you shudder at the thought of being asked to take part in a presentation at work or college? When you speak in public, do you feel that you want the floor to open up and swallow you? Are you more worried about getting the jitters rather than delivering great content in your presentations? Well if so then you may be a victim of one of the most common and most horrid phobias. The fear of public speaking is widely thought of as the worst fear that a person can suffer! In fact on a survey the fear of death was at number seven and the fear of public speak was at number one – this just goes to show how severe it can be for the sufferer.

As a hypnotherapist, emotional freedom technique and Neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, I am regularly asked by clients to rid them of their fear of public speaking. In most cases I will use a combination of all of my expertise to help them overcome this most irrational but very terrifying phobia. I really like to work with clients on this as it is something that I can empathize with them on, as I too once suffered at the hands of this phobia. I remember once speaking at my local church and feeling my throat slowly tighten, my knees started to give out and my hands were shaking like a jack hammer. Luckily and with the help of hypnosis, that fear and phobia are now behind me and I now love being in front of a crowd.

Hypnosis helps to reprogram the way that we deal with public speaking and allows us to start enjoying the experience and forgetting the negative affects that the phobia may have caused us. Anyone with the fear will understand that the lead up to talking can also make you feel bad. This is down to the fact that you expect all of the negative things – it becomes like a self fulfilling prophecy and your mind makes you ‘feel’ what you are ‘thinking’. Hypnosis gets rid of this expectation that things are going to go wrong, thus giving you more time to positively prepare for your presentation as your stomach will not be in knots just thinking about it anymore.

If you really want to deal with your fear of public speaking and move on in life and maybe even up the career ladder then hypnosis is for you. Why not start with a hypnosis download or recording or even look up your local hypnotherapist?

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