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Purpose for Life

How many people do you think ponder the meaning in life and if it has any meaning? Do you think you are alone when wondering why things don’t make sense? With all the death and dying in the world what is the purpose of life? You are not alone as all of us have been made by God and even though we have distinct personalities we are in fact the same. We all have the same needs, wants and searching for the same thing in life; happiness.

Sometimes happiness seems out of reach. You struggle and struggle and you can seem to keep afloat. Like swimming in a toilet bowl you go a round and a round and a round until you’re finally flushed.

All the articles that I have ever read about what people wanted most out of life surprised me. I expected it to say, cars, houses, fame, money, and prestige. This is not what it said. What it said is that most want peace, love, and joy. I guess thats why Zig Ziglar the worlds greatest motivator said that money can buy you a house but it won’t buy you a home. In fact I have read that some who become instant millionaires are the most loneliest people in the world. They either become so arrogant and no one can stand to be around them. Some find out who there friends really are.

So what to you do to find the things that are important in life? Start with relationships. How is your relationship with your husband or significant other? If its not everything its cracked up to be maybe you need to make it better or move on. What about family members? Are they a great support to you or do they just bring you down? How about your children? How long has it been since you spent some quality time with them no matter how old they are? Quality time not just a trip to the movies. One important relationship that is about all is God. What is your relationship with Him?

I heard at a seminar once that those who attend church make almost fifteen percent more income then non-church goers. In fact most report an over all happiness and zest for life. No their lives were no where near perfect. They have had death, illness, accidents and other things have happen to them. However the difference is being a Christian gives you a different attitude or outlook with each situation faced with. God has promised that everything will eventually work out for good. Romans 8:28. However this promise is for Christians only. It goes on to say for those who love God and are called according to his purpose.

So yes you are going to struggle with different things in your life. You are going to wonder at times is it all worth it and if there is any real purpose for anything in life. The answer is God. He is the creator of all things and in him is life and without him there is no life.

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