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Should You Take Prescription Medication For Anxiety Attacks?

Are you considering taking prescription medication to help “cure” the symptoms of your anxiety attacks? Let’s face it, we’ve all the seen the commercials from the various drug companies promising a simple “cure” for your anxiety attacks by taking prescription medication.

Here’s what they don’t tell you:

1. Prescription medications mask the root problem of your anxiety attacks. Yes, you may have temporary relief of your symptoms but your anxiety attacks started for a reason. You need to discover the root problem in order to find the solution as to why your body is reacting with an anxiety attack instead of covering it up with medication.

2. Prescription medications are addictive, which can mean a long, agonizing withdrawal period when you want to get off them. You have to wean yourself off gradually and this process can cause your anxiety attack symptoms to worsen or other side affects to occur before you are completely off the prescription medication.

3. After long-term use of the prescription medication, you may find that you need higher doses in order to keep the medication functioning. You may end up returning to your doctor repeatedly, only to have him increase your dosage, or worse, prescribe a stronger medication for you.

The remarkable part about these drug prescription commercials is the disclaimer they ramble off quickly near the end listing the side affects that some of these prescription drugs can produce. Are you truly prepared to risk your long-term health by taking these prescription medications?

The commercials make the “cure” sound so wonderful: take a pill and all your anxiety attack symptoms will be gone. It’s very tempting to be seduced into a quick-fix. However, you should take a pro-active approach and do further research before you buy into these so-called “cures”. There is massive information available on the internet about anxiety disorders as well as on specific prescription drugs and their side-effects.

You should know that natural remedies do exist such as Chamomile tea or St. John’s Wort for relief of some anxiety attack symptoms. Moreover, you may find that an appointment with a Naturopathic doctor or a Hypno-Therapist to be a more natural solution than a visit to your family physician and his trust prescription pad.

Be an informed anxiety attack patient. Do your research and find the natural cure that will work for you over the long term without the harmful side-effects. Anxiety attacks are 100% curable; you only need to find the natural solution that is right for you.

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