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Strategies To Overcome Anxiety Attacks – Part 2

There are many other strategies to overcome anxiety attacks in patients. One of the alternative methods is the use of audio therapy. Audio therapy was designed to help sufferers understand their attacks, the varied treatments, assess the degree of the suffering/personal history, the time period needed to heal and what strategies they can use personally to defeat it.

According to audio therapists, this treatment strategy does work for a lot of people with mild to medium severity level anxiety attacks. It has proven that it is possible to rewire the way one thinks, preserves things and situations, and how one responds to any given social situation or experience. This therapy has also been shown to make a marked difference in the quality of life that each sufferer has by helping them to overcome their anxieties and enjoy life to its fullest without fears of embarrassment or ridicule as a result of their actions, words, thoughts or how they appear to others.

Audio therapy strategies employ the use of worksheets, instruction booklets, physiological diagrams of the brain, and what it looks like when a patient changes their thoughts or chemical/electrical pathways inside their brain. In fact, each step of the therapy teaches patients:

キ Calming techniques for socialization situations

キ Self-control techniques for socialization situations

キ Recognition of negative thought techniques

キ Negative thought interception techniques

キ Negative thought revaluation techniques to create more positive thought patterns

キ How to use positive reinforcement techniques and statements to lower the occurrences of irrational and negative anxiety feelings

キ Strategies to eliminate irrational and negative anxiety feelings through positive statements

キ How to combat the recurring negative thought patterns that have become habitual in anxiety attacks

キ The types of calming and relaxation methods used to defeat anxiety and how they work in all social and non-social situations

キ The reasons we need to stop negative thought patterns that lead to anxiety attacks and how this has resulted in life as we know it

キ How gentle action versus quick and sudden actions to combat anxiety attacks works

キHow to avoid anticipatory doubts, concerns, uncertainty and worry that cause us to achieve actions that trigger anxiety attacks

キ How to analyze ourselves personally, the world we live in, what thoughts and experiences have led us to the point of anxiety and how we can become realistic and rational by using actions that will not be considered unfriendly or irrational by others

キ How to use positive statements during anxiety attacks and their affects in deflating the emotional experience

キ How the process of treatment strategies for anxiety attacks is done in a series of steps, a few forward and sometimes a couple backwards, but then a few more forward

キ How to develop a more realistic view of ourselves and the world around us

キ How to use our current beliefs and perceptions to change and eliminate anxiety attacks

キHow to stop exaggerating our fears

キ How to change how others view us in a realistic and self-confident fashion

キ How to accept ourselves for who and what we really are irregardless of what others may think

キ How to switch from neutralized negative thoughts to positive thoughts and actions

キ How to socialize with others through activities and speech

キ How to converse with new people in a comfortable fashion

キ How to distinguish between truthful and false emotions and thoughts

キ How to put worry out of our minds and move into a more productive and happy lifestyle

キ How our brains were programmed into getting anxiety attacks and how we can use the same techniques to reverse the process

キ How to think and act positively, taking even the most negative situation and turning into something positive

There are many forms of strategies that can help anyone overcome anxiety attacks, but audio therapy has proven to be the most effective for most people. In fact, audio therapy is not unique and definitely not used for just treating negative thought processes. It has been used widely even by people to achieve more in their lives, including top athletes, academics and many other successful people. Fear of failure and embarrassment are normal to a certain degree, but when it controls everyday life, it has then worsens into sudden and unprovoked anxiety attacks and needs to be treated by a medical professional.

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