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The Commitment to a New Puppy

There was a small dog named Fifi; she was a Maltese and also extremely spoiled. Fifi was purchased by her owner, Judy, five years ago and spent a delightful half-decade with her. They spent a lot of time together, the owner was a consultant and worked from home so she could spend a lot of time with Fifi, and in fact they had never spent a single day apart since Judy brought the tiny puppy home. Even when it was necessary for Judy to travel she would take Fifi with her everywhere, after all she was such a small dog it was easier to carry her in the special bag they bought or if need be in a little carrier for the airplane. They had formed an incredibly close relationship over the first three years they spent together, and then Judy’s husband entered the picture.

At first, Fifi was downright unhappy with the presence of a new man in her house and she was even more upset when one night Judy actually made her get off the bed and would not allow Fifi to sleep there. This was an outrage to Fifi as she had never been banished from the bed until this man showed up and started taking Judy out all of the time, leaving Fifi to be alone in the house, something that previously had rarely happened.

Eventually Fifi adjusted to Judy’s new husband and it turned out that he was usually a pretty decent guy, although he clearly lacked the appreciation that Judy had for Maltese. Fifi could live with that though as she realized she had a lot more in common with female humans anyway, rather than gritty, rough, males whose hands were not nearly as soft as Judy’s. All of that work and adjustment to make room for Judy’s husband was nothing compared to what Fifi had to face now and she had no idea just how hard it was going to be.

Fifi had noticed Judy’s belly getting much bigger over the last several months and she wondered why her owner had let herself go so quickly after getting married. Then one night Judy was gone for the night and then the next. Fifi was freaked out because she had never spent a night away from Judy before, but then on the third day, her loyal owner returned only she had a tiny human that was screaming in her arms. Fifi ran to Judy to be lifted up and adored after the separation they had just endured and the owner actually shooed her away and refused to pick her up. A slap in the face like this would not be taken well by anyone, let alone a pampered, spoiled Maltese named Fifi.

People must be aware when making any significant changes in their lives how it can affect their spouse, kids, friends or even pets. Animals are far more in tune with human emotions than a lot of people give them credit for and they can respond a great deal to certain changes in their surroundings, especially dogs. One of the most difficult adjustments dogs have to make is the addition of a new baby to a family. A common sequence of events is for an adult to get a dog after college or once they are “settled down” and in need of some companionship but not ready for marriage yet. The dog is their best friend in the whole wide world and that relationship becomes very special to both the owner and the dog. Eventually the owner finds that special someone they have been looking for, only this time it is a human and they get married.

Now the relationship with the dog is a lesser priority to that owner because their spouse naturally becomes the primary focus. Some dogs go through a lot of adjustment in these stages but most do all right. While dating it is wise to make sure your potential future mate loves your dog.

This is all too common with families who have major adjustments. Usually the four legged family member has to go. Needless to say, poor Fifi suffered tremendously as the new baby took over every element of the house and Judy. Eventually Fifi went to live with Judy’s mother, which was better than staying in the baby house but not the same as the life she had once shared with her beloved owner Judy.

So when deciding to add a four legged one to your family please consider all the factors before bringing a puppy home. Buying a new puppy should be a commitment for life.

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