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The Cruel Fool – Gods Payback (Animal Cruelty)

Why so many campaigners are out there fighting for the rights of cruelty to animals?

Animals can not speak for themselves, so we as caring considerate human beings with feelings act as their proxy to get a message across and that being is that animals feel pain.
Many animals are subjected to barbaric torture just for the amusement of blood thirsty callous sadists. How on earth someone in their right mind can find pleasure in watching the suffering of an innocent animal is beyond me?

Take the fur/skins trade who cash in by ordering the death of baby seals in the hundreds. Baby cubs are smashed over the head with heavy instruments till the blood flow turns to a trickle.

The fear and pain in the doe eyed baby seals eyes is not enough to stop the fatal blow from being cast. What must mummy seal be feeling as she lay helpless watching her newborn merciless slain.

Heartless sadistic actions of cruelty inflictors needs to stop, where is the fun I ask you? In chopping off a kitten’s tail or severing the neck of the swan by embedding an arrow through it.

Then we have the so called pet lovers who starve the family pet dog till his skeletal bone structure protrudes through its limp flesh.
I hasten to add at this point this is not directed towards the genuine animal lovers out there.

Perpetrators behind the killing and the maiming of innocent animals for no reason has to be brought to justice just like that of a murderer taking human life. This is about pain and suffering so an eye for an eye whether it be man or beast.

People who encourage and enforce inhumane acts to take place on defenceless animals in their absence are just as guilty as the person who takes life from any animal. This also goes for audiences of onlookers who may just as well be holding the murder weapon.

How can we help put a stop to this?

Eventful nights like Bonfire night where fireworks are used make sure to keep your pet indoors.
Be more vigilant where crowds are, gangs mobs yobs get there kicks out of kicking cats. Once again this does not apply to all.

If a friend/relative of yours has a sadistic streak where they force you against your will to watch or join in on an evil deed to cause unnecessary pain towards an animal, then call the Police or RSPCA. This person has to be warned that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated.

He/she’s next victim may not be of our four legged friends but that of a human.
If inflicting pain is in their blood, ask yourself do you need to hang out with this so called friend.
Friends feel pain too and the next on their list to endure pain and suffering may well be you.

Remember back to how mums and dads told us at a young age that when we die we go to heaven and come back down to earth as an animal. Now I don’t know how much truth there is that, but what I do know is that God works in mysterious ways and if it is comeuppance time for the sinner. Then I rest my case

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