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Pet Grooming Made Easy

One of the most asked questions that I get before someone buys a puppy is does the breed require much grooming. Some potential owners don’t mind and the others do. This article is for the latter and how you can make pet grooming easier. In order to groom your dog you have to get you dog use to water. There are several steps that you need to take in order to accomplish the task.

Dogs do not like to take baths. Lets face it you are going to groom your pet properly you are going to have to give him the dreaded bath. One of the ways you can start getting your dogs to like water is to introduce your dog to it. If you have a swimming pool take your dog out there with you. Depending on the size of your dog you can sit the dog on your lap as you float around. You can also have a friend stand at one side of the pool and you at the other and put your dog in there. Both of you can encourage the dog to come to the other. Take the dog to the lake for the day and get you dog in the water. If you do this often you will find it easier to get your dog in the bathtub. In fact some dogs do like to take baths. One word of caution is don’t just throw the dog into the water as that may scare him badly and then you’ll have to start from square one.

In the bathtub your dog should feel relaxed. If he isn’t quite use to the water yet you can say soothing words to help him. The sound of your voice can reduce tension in your dog. You dog loves you and loves to hear your voice of calm gentle words.

Make the bath as comfortable as possible. If you’re scratching, scraping and pulling his hair out he will be on the edge. When you were a kid did you like it when your mom washed your own head? Enough said. Keep the water out of his eyes if you can and their nose away from the faucet. They will feel like they are drowning. Another relaxer for your dog is to take your time. Give your dog a message. Talk to them while you are doing it. Nothing like have fingers rubbed all over your back and it’s real easy with the soap on your dog.

Grooming does take patience. You can incorporate the kids help as they love to do it when they are little. Consistency is the key. It may take up to six months to get your dog use to the water. It doesn’t have to be a chore when you get the whole family involved. If after trying these suggestions and you dog does not respond well, you may need to go to a professional.

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