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Pet Memorials For The Unsung Heroes

A dog is man’s best friend but he is not going to be there forever. Even though we hate to think about the unfortunate moment, it will surely come. The best you can do is have a Pet memorial for your canine friend to show how much you care and to say that you loved him then and you love him still.

He may be a rocky the pooch or bullet the retriever, size will never matter. He will always be the one protective about you. It is a frightening situation and at times hard to cope up with when you know that your faithful companion is no more. You will miss him and remember the day when you brought him home, when he could barely walk straight. There were the days when you may have woken up in the night to find him licking your face. He grew so fast but now he is not there anymore.

The pain will subside but the void will remain. It’s time to honor him with a pet memorial as a special gift. What kind of pet garden memorial can you gift your canine friend, who gave his whole life loving you, protecting you and your family, entertaining you with his comic behavior?

The Options
There are many options available online and even with Pet stores to choose from. Granite plaques are good memorial makers and are available in various colors and size. You can choose according to the size of your dog or the color of his coat. To make it more personal, you can even have it cut to make a pet memorial statue. You can have it painted to look as real as it can be with the same color coat, the same eyes, the wagging tail, and the dripping tongue.

Granite pet memorials are extremely sturdy and can rough it out in any weather condition. One of the latest types of pet memorial is the laser engraved grave markers. These grave markers are available in different types of stone like river rocks, bluestone, marble, cultured slate, and black granite. Each of the stones is first sandblasted and then laser engraved followed by painting. This can make your pet stand out boldly.

You can have a nice soft colored gravestone with his name engraved in bold and the date he became a part of your family and the date he left. It is not necessary to use a granite gravestone or a pet memorial statue; you can also have a nicely decorated granite slab with his name engraved on it. Add some fresh flowers and his favorite tennis ball to it and it will be your best gift to him. You can go for a unique or extraordinary pet garden memorial to complement the characteristics of your retriever or pooch.

Get a hand cut granite boulder with his name and a porcelain photograph. To keep it simple, you can look at polished granite pet memorials, river stone pet memorials, marble & slate pet memorials and matte finish pet memorials. They are available in different sizes from 8″x5 “x7/8″ with a 2 line limit to a 9″x6″x7/8″ with a 20 character per line limit. The colors can vary from light pink, charcoal black, ebony mist to a Grey-Blue with some Turquoise Mix.

You can even have the photo of your pet on black granite. Most of the pet marker companies will provide the option for adding your pet’s picture and name with a personalized message that can be etched into the stone. The photograph is normally etched into the granite or stone using laser technology. Some of the regular measurements available include:

Small – 4″x7″
Medium – 6″x10″
Large – 7″x12″
Extra Large – 8″x14″

Garden statue pet memorials are also quite common. It is a beautiful pedestal cross with a weatherproof stand that can be placed in your garden. You can engrave your pets name along with the date of birth and death. Most people will offer two lines of standard text although you can always innovate. Apart from this, there is mainly one dimension available, which is 15 x 7.5 x 3 inches.

One of the newer, types of pet memorials are the ones that are available in matte finish with porcelain photos. Some of the colors available in matte finish include charcoal black, rose, white cloud, Mauve, mist, green, blue etc. There are 4 standard dimensions, which are 8″x5″x1″, 9″x6″x1”, 11″x7 “x1″, and 15″x9″x1”. You can use up to four lines of text or single line of text with a photograph.

When you get a pet memorial for your best friend, it is not a just a gift of love, it is a way of telling him, how much you care and how much you miss his wagging tail.

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