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Pit Bull Puppy Potty Training: 7 Important Things To Watch

Potty training your Pit Bull puppy the right way takes time and a lot of patience. Many different things come in to play as you are going through the housebreaking process.

If you’ve been trying to housebreak your new Pit Bull terrier pup but have been having major problems, then this article is for you. It is very possible that you have missed some of the more important points when it comes to puppy potty training.

To help you out, I’ve created the following list. Take a minute to read it and see if you spot some things you may not be doing correctly.

1. Are you writing down your dog’s potty habits so that you can easily spot trends and correct them?

2. Is the entire family on the same page when it comes to training routine? Consistent repetition is vital to the potty training process, if you’re missing this element you’re destined to fail!

3. Are you going outside with your puppy to confirm that he is going potty when he’s in the yard?

4. Are you using a crate or gate to confine your Pit Bull pup when you can’t keep an eye on him?

5. Are you giving your little pup full run of the house?

6. Do you have unrealistic expectations of your Pit puppy and then harshly scold him when he messes in the house?

7. Do you keep your puppy’s feeding times and portions the same every single day? It is important to be consistent and don’t give him extras such as treats, etc.

As you can see, there are many areas which are easy to make errors in and a new dog owner must be very careful not to skip over any of these steps when trying to housetrain their new puppy.

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