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Popular Pet Tents

Pets also need personal sanctuaries and hideaways where they can relax and sleep in peace, away from harsh elements, unwanted commotion and noises. There is a wide variety of pet tents to choose from, so selection should be based on the size of your pet, how noisy is your neighborhood, the design and overall décor, and price. Here are some pet tents – mainly dog and cat tents, or a combination of both, and other popular pet tents – available on the market.

Dog Haus Tent: features removable inner liner which is quilted, padded and water-resistant. The Dog Haus Tent is also equipped with a functional door and windows with mesh backing, and can be used as a seat or travel blanket. It is primarily designed for protection against elements on the road, and costs around $70.

Pet Hotel Tent Bed for Cats and Dogs: is also primarily designed for travel use. It is made of soft fleece and nylon with insulated foam-stuffed walls, and features a removable pillow for washing, and bell for entertainment. It can easily fold and fasten flat for storage. The Pet Hotel Tent Bed costs around $60.

New York Dog Plush Tent Bed: A very stylish tent for dogs, designed for use both at home and travel. It can fold flat, and pop up to make a cozy home for your dog. The New York Dog Plush Tent Bed comes in Leopard print, blue and lime stripe, and pink and lavender stripe. It costs around $50 to $55.

Hide-A-Doo Cat Tent: is constructed with water repellent nylon fabric walls, a synthetic fur floor, and is supported by two fiberglass rods. It comes in several intricate colors and designs such as Tiger, Onyx Zebra, Leopard, Chicago (Grey), and Forest (Green). The Hide-A-Doo Cat Tent is very affordable and costs around $35 only.

Carnival Pet Tent: Designed for smaller dogs and cats, Carnival Pet Tent is a fancy Pet tent with a circus/carnival theme. It features a foam sleeping cushion topped with a festive pompom. However, this nice little pet tent is a little expensive, which costs around $150.

LitterMaid Cat Privacy Tent: A privacy tent for cats that features six covered sides that keep litter confined to the box, washable cover, zippered door flaps, and a plastic fan. The Cat Privacy Tent costs around $45.

Mutt Hutt Pet Tent: Mutt Hutt calls this a smaller version of full-size, full-featured human tent with an innovative twist just for canines. It features dog-activated “dog door” entrance, zippered doors, ventilation panels at top and at rear window, and clip on rain fly. Costs around $90.

Original Pet Tent: Designed for cats and dogs, the pet tent has two external fiberglass poles arc over the top and crisscross from corner to corner to support this tent. A multi-purpose pet tent which can be used a hotel, camper van, and airports etc; it costs around $70 to $85.

Pet Tents – Large for Parrots, Ferrets, Cats, Little Dogs: can accommodate birds, ferrets, guinea pigs and a number of other household pets. The large 15″ square tent collapses for storage and pops open for continued use, and costs around $25 to $30.

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