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Raising Puppies: Be Positive

Bringing home the puppy home is one of the most enjoyable things that you can enjoy with the young puppy. After that, you are now thrusts into the role of a mother hen or an alpha male type of owner to raise the dog properly.

You would have to be very patient when raising a puppy. This will take a very long time and will sometimes be depressing. It will be depressing when you keep repeating things to the point that your dog does not seem to be responding. You would then be left wondering if this dog is deaf or is purposely doing this to piss me off.

Despite of all the challenges of training a puppy, you should always remember that in the end it will be for both your benefit. If you leave your puppy untrained, it will think that it’s the alpha male in your household and may make you do things you purposely hate.

Just think about the situation when it is the dog that’s becoming the boss. The dog will be pulling you out of the house just to walk the dog. Or the dog can bother you just to cook it a great home cooked dog food. Isn’t that worth thinking about? It will be much more depressing when that happens because you’ll be the laughing stock of people or even dogs.

Just like in anything else in life keeping a positive point of view helps. Even in training your puppy. When your puppy keeps on destroying stuff, humping guests or even mess up the garbage, scolding it in a negative matter won’t help. When you keep saying “No” to your puppy, the puppy will become confused. The puppy will not know what exactly it did wrong.

Instead the puppy should be trained in a positive manner. Make her do what you would want to do. When the puppy is nearing its call of nature, immediately bring the dog outside. After which bring the dog to your pesky neighbor’s lawn and tell the dog that it’s ok to crap there. Then give the dog a treat. This will make the dog learn that crapping outside is the good thing.

The main point is that when you see your pet doing well or would want them to do good bribe them with something good. I.e. when the dog is chewing its own chewing toy, you should reward it. When it is barking away at a pesky and irritating person, you should reward it too.

Remember keeping a positive attitude when training dogs counts. It is better to keep a positive attitude while training the dog earlier than having a negative attitude fro life because the dog has become your owner.

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