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Royal Pardon For Killer of The Corgi

Word has it plans have been changed this year for the guest invites at Sandringham Castle. The Queen I believe after reading a recent article in the daily paper has banned Florence Princess Anne’s English bull terrier from the royal residence. Florence is to sleep outside in a parked up vehicle with Anne’s other pet dog of the same breed called Lottie.

The ban was ordered by the Queen due to the traumatic experience that left HRH saddened and in mourning for her beloved pet corgi Pharos who was merciless attacked two years ago by Florence. So savage was the attack the small dog had to be put down because of the severity of injuries sustained.

Earlier in the year the queen gave amnesty to the princess’s dogs and allowed them to stay under strict orders that they were confined to Anne’s quarters where servants tending to the Princess’s needs would only enter her room in groups and armed. This year the queen was not prepared to take any chances and enforced the new ban.

Back to the night in question when Pharos the corgi lost its life, it was Lottie the other of Anne’s English bull terriers that first had the finger of suspicion pointed in her direction and was accused of the unprovoked attack on the corgi. It was only right to blame Lottie due to the fact that she was capable of attacking just like she had in the past mauling two young children.

Due to uncertainty at the time of which dog was the guilty party a decision was then made to clear Lotties name as being the culprit thus leaving Florence to carry the blame.

Florence has been known for a confrontation it had with a member of the royal staff but not much was said on the matter therefore brushed under the carpet you could say.

What baffles me is all the uncertainty hanging over the night Pharos lost his life.

Funny how Lottie was accused first of the crime then after some considerable thought Florence fell victim to claim the blame. At the trial Florence was to live another day. There was no conviction due to Florence’s flawless character therefore a pardon was given.

There are two theories here

1 Lottie was first to be accused for the brutal attack on Pharos the corgi and with her past record where she had already offended by mauling two kiddies would without a doubt certainly have put her on death row.

2 Florence with no previous conviction on record was let off on the grounds of good behaviour and received a pardon which saved her from an early exit from this earth.

Who do you think is guilty, we have a dead dog, two mauled children, and royal staff scared witless. Would I be right in saying the Royal Family to allow this to continue?

Who really killed Pharos?

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