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Starting A New Saltwater Tank

Fish keeping is an entertaining and relaxing hobby. I would go on to say that once you are done with all the haggling to build yourself a one, then just by looking at it you could sooth your senses. It does rejuvenate through its visual appeal. This is because of both diversity and complexity of the marine life in it. And especially saltwater aquariums, they tend to contain more colorful and unique life forms compared to freshwater fishes.

If you are interested in a saltwater tank, you should be acquainted with the fact that due to the diversity of marine life and difficulty in breeding them, most fishes in a saltwater aquarium are directly take from the sea. So in a way this adds to the cost, as a major chunk of the expenses of shipping and handling of the fishes is passed on you.

Starting a saltwater tank is very different from getting a freshwater tank done. Before you get down to building or selecting an appropriate tank, you need to purchase the supplies and materials needed to make the tank environment more conducive for saltwater animals.

First and foremost you will need heaters to maintain the climate of your tank at temperature levels which your fish can bear and thrive in. This becomes more important if you have tropical fishes which need high temperatures to flourish. Then you would also need Power filters to maintain the cleanliness of the water. Filters do an important job in making water less stagnant and recreating an aquatic flow similar to a natural water body. Then there are Air Stones which you would need to keep in your tank. These are required to aerate the water for fishes to live healthily.

Along with the above supplies I just mentioned you would need sea salt mix, so that you can recreate the saltwater condition and make the fish feel at home! That creates need for a hydrometer too, which would help you to monitor the state of the water in your saltwater tank.

Now when you are done with the initial preparation, its time to choose your fish. My personal favorites are Damsels. They are probably the best saltwater fish for beginners. They are not fussy eaters and are conditioned to survive in varied water conditions. Another popular option is Clownfish. This species again are tough and can survive adverse conditions in a saltwater aquarium. This particular fish is not an aggressive fish and loves to live with other tank mates in harmony. But if there are lost of clownfish in your tank they tend to be aggressive.

You may also consider having Tangs in your tank. Tangs are very handy in cleaning up the tank from algae. You just need to take care that they are provided with their steady diet if there are not a large collection of algae in your saltwater tank.

Once you are done with the building experience I guarantee that you are going to enjoy the new entrant in your abode. So get ready to welcome a new family in your family!

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