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Test Your Emotions And Outside Stimuli

How much are your emotions affected by outside stimuli? This will be a difficult question to answer for anyone – Are You Happy? If yes, how much? Are you happy under all circumstances? At all the times? Are you happy even if you meet an old enemy? Are you happy when you have no money? Are you happy filing your Tax returns? Are you happy when you find your favorite candidate losing? No. We are happy or unhappy depending on what is happening to us and around us. happiness is only one of the emotional state. all our emotions get affected greatly by what inputs we get from outside. We have no control over our emotions most of the times.

What is happiness? Happiness can be defined as a feeling of satisfaction, feeling good and feeling joy. Why we become happy within event and unhappy at the other? A good news makes us happy and a sad news robs us of our happiness immediately. We fluctuate between the feelings of happiness and unhappiness throughout the day.

Are we so controlled by outside events that our mood gets affected easily? Can we not ignore whatever is happening and be happy always. Can we not look at everything with equanimity and say – I will be happy always. If we can do that, it will be really good for us. We will not be at the mercy of stimuli from outside to make us unhappy . It is not only stimuli from outside, but also from inside. Any bad memory can turn our mood upside down. We are in control of our own emotions.

Happiness is a boon. Things will always be going wrong. Memories will always come. But if we decide to keep ourselves happy, we can surely progress slowly to a state where unhappiness can not touch us easily. Happiness is only one emotion. We are affected by different emotions – Anger, Love, Hatred, compassion and so on. What applies to happiness also applies to all other emotions. Emotions batter us at all the times. We are like a ship freely getting beaten by the roaring ocean of emotions at all the times. That is not good, because we are not in control.

Try some fun quizzes to find out how much you get affected by stimuli and what is your control over your emotions.

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